D1 Playoffs

Fort Wayne, IN

Team Profile

Rose City Rollers (#19)

Rose City Rollers


Travel Team Name: Wheels of Justice

Based In: Portland, Oregon, USA

Year Founded: 2004

Joined WFTDA: Founding member

Previous Playoff and Championship Appearances: Championships – 2007 (Did not place), 2011 (did not place); Western Regional – 2007 (Did not place), 2008 (Did not place); West Region Playoffs – 2009 (7th Place), 2010 (4th Place), 2011 (3rd Place), 2012 (4th Place)

2013 Season Record:

4/6 – Rose vs. Bay Area 146-175 (L)
4/21 – Rose vs. Wasatch 122-182 (W)
4/28 – Rose vs. Angel City 204-250 (L)
5/17 – Rose vs. Victorian 305-124 (W)
6/5 – Rose vs. London 198-150 (W)
6/22 – Rose vs. Rocky Mountain 235-217 (W)
8/23 – Rose vs. Rat City 263-140 (W)


100 Mercy
1234 Napoleon Blownapart
1719 Scylla Devourer
17h The Blast Unicorn
1889 Belle Starr
2 French Tickler
210 Heidi Go Seek
243 Scratcher In The Eye
26 Nacho Lucky Day
3 Mistress of the Knife
426 Ripley
47 Penny Dreadful
48 Feliz Brutality
50 Scald Eagle
55 Layla Smackdown
77 Mutch Mayhem
81 Havana Good Time (Captain)
934 JK Rolling
94 Scrappy Go Lucky


Has your league experienced any retirements, transfers or injuries in the past year that have made a substantial difference in your league’s play and performance?
White Flight and Soulfearic Acid retired at the end of 2012. Belle Starr joined the team in 2013, and has been an impact player. Napoleon Blownapart and Shevawn Innes have battled injuries this season.

What was the turning point for your league to make it to a playoff this season?
The loss to Angel City was a huge wake-up call for our team - and that was back in April. Since that time, the team has gone undefeated, winning four straight (Victorian, London, Rocky Mountain, Rat City).

Do you have a mascot? If so, what's its name? And will the mascot be with you at Playoffs? Do you have any special cheers for any of your skaters?
A pegacorn has chosen us as its team - we don't keep the pegacorn, it keeps us. I haven't gotten close enough to it yet to ask its name. I don't know if I'd understand the answer anyway. We can only speculate whether it will make itself known in Ft. Wayne.

Real. Strong. Athletic. Revolutionary.