D1 Playoffs

Fort Wayne, IN

Team Profile

Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls (#35)

Bleeding Heartland


Travel Team Name: Flatliners

Based In: Bloomington, Indiana, USA

Year Founded: 2006

Joined WFTDA: 2009

Previous Playoff and Championship Appearances: None. This is the first time Bleeding Heartland has qualified!

2013 Season Record:

Jan 19: Bleeding Heartland vs. Ft Wayne 180-117 (W)
Feb 2: Bleeding Heartland vs. Naptown 85-211 (L)
Feb 9: Bleeding Heartland vs. Old Capitol City 320-74 (W)
March 2: Bleeding Heartland vs. Cincinnati 221-218 (W)
March 9: Bleeding Heartland vs. Ohio 87-241 (L)
March 10: Bleeding Heartland vs. Burning River 137-200 (W)
March 23: Bleeding Heartland vs. Killamazoo 296-231 (L)
April 6: Bleeding Heartland vs. Cincinnati: 173-358 (L)
March 13: Bleeding Heartland vs. Grand Raggidy 215-176 (W)
May 4: Bleeding Heartland vs. Steel City 149-202 (L)
May 4: Bleeding Heartland vs. Brewcity 305-247 (W)
May 11: Bleeding Heartland vs. Arch Rival: 189-251 (L)
June 8: Bleeding Heartland vs. Toronto: 145-147 (L)


11 Patches O'Houlihan
12 Shifty Mcgee
13 Doc Doc Noose
130 Dirt Diggler (Captain)
17 Kaka Caliente
1951 Bruisey Ricardo
21 Naylor Coffenshutt
225 Bobbi Mcguillotine
247 Shock N’ Roll
27 Terror D’bits
311 Scarlet Witch
38 Special Sass
407 Uh Huh Hurricane
44 Nuck L. Sammie
500 Aceta Menacin'
594 Mauls Dolls
619 Dare E Eryn
71 Biscuit Cutter
808 Pele’s Melee
99 Bombshell Shock


Have you ever played any of the teams in your Playoff bracket? If so, how did those games turn out? If not, which match-up are you most excited about? Why?
We have played 4 of the teams in our bracket this season. Grand Raggidy: W 215-176 Cincinnati: W 221-218 Ohio: L 87-241 Cincinnati: L 173-358 Arch Rival: L 251-189. We are excited to go for best 2 out of 3 against Cincinnati and to play some teams we've never bouted against before.

How have your practices changed since being named one of the teams to make it to the 2013 Playoffs?
In the past we have typically taken all of July off from practices and then started back in August with a light practice schedule until we kick up the intensity in October. This year, we are kicking the intensity back up much earlier of course! We've had an increased focus on cross-training, especially outside of normal practice times. Practices to get ready for playoffs will continue to be what we do best, which is to perfect our style and strategy.

Do you have a loyal following of fans at your home venue? Will any of them be traveling to Playoffs?
The Bleeding Heartland extended family of B and C team skaters, volunteers, family, friends, and fans will be making the 3 hour trek to support the Flatliners. And man, we can be loud!

Real. Strong. Athletic. Revolutionary.