2016 International Tournaments

Tournament Credentials for Media and Photographers

The WFTDA welcomes members of the media and photographers to cover the exciting, top-level competition at the International WFTDA Playoffs and Championships.

Given the increasing interest in photographing and covering these events, please understand that we have imposed limits on the amount of credentials issued as well as the number of photographers and media allowed trackside access during any given game. Our desire is to accommodate, but not at the expense of overcrowding to our fans, unsafe conditions for Skaters and Officials, or less than optimal shooting conditions for anyone.


Media outlets are directed to the WFTDA Media Credential Guidelines for details regarding tournament policies and an online application. At its discretion, the WFTDA will provide credentials to those applicants who are positioned to provide the best coverage of the event, giving priority preference to members of major media outlets (i.e. wire services, networks, cable, etc.). Media Credential requests may be submitted at any time.

Read the WFTDA Media Credential Guidelines

Apply for Media Credentials

Questions may be directed to credentials@wftda.com.


Media credentials will be assessed to the following types of applicants:

  • Media outlets
  • Writers/Photographers pitching stories to media outlets
  • Videographers

All photographers should skip to the Photographers section below, and notify your media outlet to complete the Media Credentials application.

As stated above, priority preference will be given to members of major media outlets (i.e. wire services, networks, cable, etc.).

Members of the media will get complimentary entry for one writer and one photographer/videographer. If additional members of the media are on your crew that need entry into an event, please state that on your application, and your request will be reviewed accordingly.

All photographers with media outlets will have to review the WFTDA Photographer Guidelines and complete the online Photographer Application.


Photographer Credential Application Deadlines

  • Photographer Credential applications for Playoffs will be open until July 22, 2016
  • Photographer Credential applications for Championships will be open until September 23, 2016

After these deadlines, any new applications will not be reviewed unless roles are still open for tournaments.

Credential confirmations will be sent out on a rolling schedule starting July 25, 2016 for the D2 pool, and ending August 16, 2016 for the D1 pool. Championship photography credential confirmations will be sent on September 29, 2016.


The WFTDA welcomes photographers from media outlets, as well as photographers who are attending event as an official photographer for a team or are attending as a “freelance” photographer who is interested in offering coverage of the event. For our photographer applicants, we offer two different opportunities to be involved with WFTDA tournaments, at each event:

  • 3 WFTDA Photographers
  • Up to 20 Credentialed Photographers

Please read the descriptions below for these roles, before applying.

If you are applying as part of a media outlet, please specify that media outlet on your application.

At its discretion, the WFTDA will provide credentials to those with “professional grade” equipment, significant experience shooting roller derby bouts, and photographers associated with media outlets already credentialed.

The WFTDA will work with photographers to help track photos used, and request that photographers bill after tournament season.

The WFTDA cannot guarantee access to power outlets for flashes.

The WFTDA pays a standard fee of $10.00 per photo used by the organization.


A WFTDA Photographer is the confirmed photographer(s) at each tournament who have been secured to contribute their photos to the WFTDA marketing at the tournament. These photos will be given first opportunity to be used by the WFTDA as “live” updates for social media (i.e: Blog, Website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc).

WFTDA Photographers receive complimentary entry into the tournament.

As part of the role of WFTDA Photographer, this group, or an elected member of this group will also help with the following at each tournament (a more specific list will be provided to selected WFTDA Photographers):

  • Communicating with photographers and WFTDA photography pool coordinators
  • Ensure appropriate resources are available
  • Schedule photographers
  • Submit Photos to marketing for immediate usage
  • Help the On-site Marketing Lead, Tournament Director, and venue staff with any issues that might arise during the event


Credentialed Photographers are photographers who are not working directly for the WFTDA, and would like the opportunity to use their professional cameras and flashes at WFTDA tournaments.

Credentialed Photographers will be asked to contribute their photos to the WFTDA Marketing for use on social media, on an as needed basis.

Credentialed Photographers who worked as a photographer at any of the 2014/2015 WFTDA tournaments and submitted photos for WFTDA Marketing consideration will be granted complimentary access into the event they are shooting. All other photographers will be required to buy a ticket for any events they wish to attend.

Questions about all Photographer Credentials may be directed to photography@wftda.com.

Read the Photographer Credential Guidelines

Apply for Photographer Credentials

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