D1 Playoffs

Fort Wayne, IN

Team Profile

Cincinnati Rollergirls (#32)

Cincinnati Rollergirls


Travel Team Name: Black Sheep

Based In: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Year Founded: 2005

Joined WFTDA: 2007

Previous Playoff and Championship Appearances: Eastern Regionals – 2008 (7th); North Central Region Playoffs – 2009 (4th), 2010 (4th), 2011 (8th) and 2012 (9th).

2013 Season Record:

March 2 – Cincinnati vs. Bleeding Heartland 221-218 (L)
March 23 – Cincinnati vs. NEO 249-151 (W)
April 13 – Cincinnati vs. Tallahassee 334-180 (W)
April 14 – Cincinnati vs. Jacksonville 225-214 (W)
April 27 – Cincinnati vs. Killamazoo 322-213 (W)
May 11 – Cincinnati vs. Toronto 217-188 (W)
June 1 – Cincinnati vs. Arizona 331-127 (W)
June 2 – Cincinnati vs. Grand Raggidy 250-187 (W)
June 8 – Cincinnati vs. Tri-City 284-125 (W)
June 16 – Cincinnati vs. Detroit 109-285 (L)
June 29 – Cincinnati vs. Madison 182-204 (L)


18 K.lethal
2 Sista Shovechild
21 June With A Cleaver
29 Ruff’n The Passer (Captain)
3 Buckhead Betty
30 Kitten Kicker
32 Candykickass
43 Wheezy
44 Mirderher
5 Ruthless Chris
50 Sk8 Crime
6 Railroad
66 La Bruja
72 Big Ugly
76 Sadistic Sadie
77 Penn Tupanga
83 Jungle Lacy
85 Hannah Barbaric
86 Nuk’em
92 Sailor Scary


Have you ever played any of the teams in your Playoff bracket? If so, how did those games turn out? If not, which match-up are you most excited about? Why?
Denver Roller Dolls (#2) - Last played Denver in 2007. Denver won 106-98
Montréal Roller Derby (#8) - Never played them.
Arch Rival Roller Girls (#11) - We've played Arch Rival every year since 2008. It's always a good game.
London Rollergirls (#16) - Never played them.
Rose City Rollers (#19) - Never played them.
Ohio Roller Girls (#24) - Something of a rivalry. We've played them every year except for 2012.
Wasatch Roller Derby (#27) - Never played them.
Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls (#35) - We've played them twice this year. They won at home the first game 221-218. We won at home five weeks later 358-173.
Grand Raggidy Roller Girls (#40) - I think we've played Grand Raggidy more than any other team. They are something of a sister league and we always have fun with them. They've never beaten us, but the teams know each other very well, so it's always a fun, competitive game.

What are some game highlights from your travel team season this year?
We had a 9 game winning streak in which we scored over 200 points every game, and over 300 points four times. We've always focused on defense, so that kind of point production was something different for us.

Who are your highest scoring jammers?
We relied almost exclusively on a two-jammer rotation this year. Wheezy and K. Lethal have scored in the neighborhood of 95% of our points. Neither jammer likes to sit. They are both most comfortable jamming every other jam.

Real. Strong. Athletic. Revolutionary.