D1 Playoffs

Fort Wayne, IN

Team Profile

Arch Rival Roller Girls (#11)

Arch Rival Roller Girls


Travel Team Name: Arch Rival Roller Girls All Stars

Based In: St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Year Founded: 2005

Joined WFTDA: 2007

Previous Playoff and Championship Appearances: North Central Region Playoffs – 2009 (6th Place), 2010 (10th Place), 2011 (6th Place), 2012 (8th Place)

2013 Season Record:

8/10/13 Arch Rival vs. Minnesota 132- 127 (W)
8/2/13 Arch Rival vs. Denver 115-390 (L)
8/1/13 Arch Rival Rocky Mountain 133-311 (L)
7/13/13 Arch Rival vs. Brewcity 335-133 (W)
6/29/13 Arch Rival vs. Jacksonville 202-132 (W)
6/2/13 Arch Rival vs Detroit 216-131 (W)
5/31/13 Arch Rival vs. Pikes Peak 439-95 (W)
5/19/13 Arch Rival vs. Dutchland 386-53 (W)
5/18/13 Arch Rival vs. Naptown 108-167 (L)
5/11/13 Arch Rival vs. Bleeding Heartland 251-189 (W)
5/4/13 Arch Rival vs. Ohio 179-108 (W)
4/13/13 Arch Rival vs. Kansas City 164-99 (W)
3/30/13 Arch Rival vs. No Coast 146-149 (L)
3/30/13 Arch Rival vs. Omaha 392-56 (W)
3/10/13 Arch Rival vs. St. Chux 387-75 (W)


101 Downtown Dallis
111 Morgan Le Faetal
1138 Chewblocka
116 Professor Rumbledore
121 Smarty McFly
1968 Ida the Living Dead
23 Science Friction
24 South City Shiner
282 May Require Stitches
299 Shimmy Hoffa
4 Mayor Francis Slayer (Captain)
400 Brickyard
4C Pink Diamond
520 Eli Wallop
530 Rhino-Might
6FU Grave Danger
7 The Educator
8100 Tupac Shank-her
9MM The Ginger Assassin
M2 Mighty Mighty Boston


What are some game highlights from your travel team season this year?
We've had such a blast this season - there was good to be had from all of our games, even the losses. Making our debut at Rollercon is definitely going to be a highlight because what is better than playing amazing teams in such a great town?

What was the turning point for your league to make it to a playoff this season?
After last year's playoff tournament and the new rankings system debut, we knew every game this season counted. Being able to take the W from Kansas City and Ohio early this year helped get us back on track.

Do you have a loyal following of fans at your home venue? Will any of them be traveling to Playoffs?
We definitely have a great group of fans! Thankfully Ft. Wayne is a short drive from St. Louis so look for the ARRG fans like Mr. McWheely, our tireless photographer, and our ever-faithful Jeerleaders cheering us on from the sidelines!

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