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Tampa Roller Derby (#29)

Tampa Roller Derby

Travel Team Name: Tampa Tantrums

Based In: Tampa, Florida, United States

Year Founded: 2005

Joined WFTDA: 2007

Previous Playoff and Championship Appearances: South Central Region Playoffs – 2009 (9th), 2010 (6th), 2011 (9th), 2012 (4th)

2013 Season Record: 07/21/13 Tampa Bay (164) vs Philly (221) (L)
07/20/13 Tampa Bay (248) vs Queen City (133) (W)
07/20/13 Tampa Bay (299) vs Ithaca (84) (W)
06/30/13 Tampa Bay (128) vs Boston (197) (L)
06/29/13 Tampa Bay (115) vs Windy City (290) (L)
06/01/13 Tampa Bay (350) vs Tallahassee (60) (W)
05/18/13 Tampa Bay (119) vs Ohio (273) (L)
05/17/13 Tampa Bay (111) vs Atlanta (225) (L)
04/07/13 Tampa Bay (130) vs Angel City (309) (L)
04/06/13 Tampa Bay (297) vs Brew City (101) (L)
04/05/13 Tampa Bay (150) vs Houston (148) (W)
02/23/13 Tampa Bay (288) vs Gainesville (101) (W)


101 Smooth Operator
103 Krush Groove
138 Lily The Kid (Captain)
2 PhDiesel
20 Laryn Kill
21 Blaque Jac
212 Lunch Lady
22 Breezy
313 Liquor Possi
365 Lil Bit
3E8 Apolo Ana
50FT Rojo Grande
68 Zoom Boom Pow
7 Taz Maniac
78 Bettie Kruger
9 Alli-kat Scratch
90 Little A
92 Trip Mcneely
9546 Pupcake
X0 Tic Tac Toni


Do you have a mascot? If so, what's its name? And will the mascot be with you at Playoffs?
Frank T. Flamingo is our league mascot, and you're sure to see inflatable Franks in the stands in Richmond!

What was the turning point for your league to make it to a playoff this season? Was there a BIG WIN that pushed your team over the edge?
We didn't focus on a particular bout this season, so we didn't have that one big game or turning point. Rather, we tried to look at the big picture and give our team a very specific vision and goal for each bout.

Has your league experienced any retirements, transfers or injuries in the past year that have made a substantial difference in your league’s play and performance?
We had a pretty substantial turnover between 2012 and 2013. A couple Tantrums moved away and a few others retired, but we had a lot of new skaters ready to take the reins. While 2013 has been somewhat of a rebuilding year for our team, we're really excited about the dynamic and direction we're going.

Real. Strong. Athletic. Revolutionary.