D1 Playoffs

Asheville, NC

Team Profile

Steel City Roller Derby (#18)

Steel City Roller Derby


Travel Team Name: Steel Hurtin'

Based In: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

Year Founded: 2004

Joined WFTDA: 2007

Previous Playoff and Championship Appearances: East Region Playoffs – 2009 (7th), 2010 (5th), 2011 (4th); 2012 (9th)

2013 Season Record:

2.10.13 - Angel City 216 - Steel Hurtin 109 (L)
3.9.13 - Steel Hurtin 219 - New Hampshire 99 (W)
3.23.13 - Detroit 158 - Steel Hurtin' 157 (L)
4.6.13 - Ohio 246 - Steel Hurtin' 162 (L)
4.13.13 - Steel Hurtin 287 - DC 84 (W)
5.4.13 - Steel Hurtin 347 - Brewcity 73 (W)
5.4.13 - Steel Hurtin 202 - Bleeding Heartland 149 (W)
5.11.13 - Steel Hurtin 418 - Ft. Wayne 40 (W)
5.12.13 - Steel Hurtin 307 - Tallahassee 76 (W)
6.8.13 - Steel Hurtin 319 - Chicago Outfit 88 (W)
7.13.13 - Philly 195 - Steel Hurtin 176 (L)


00 Hissyfit
10 Ada Bloodlace
2 Stark Raven
20 Abigail Enz-Doerschner
2112 Helen Fire
24 LadyVengeance
25 Ally Mckill (Captain)
300 Hard Times
333 River Kyx
5 Hurricane Heather
58 The Crippler
6 Snot Rocket Science
7 Athena
7LYR Death Cake For Cutie
82 Bonecrusher
8U Leannibal Lecter
94 The Kraken
L8R sMel U
U235 Inga Knee’her
zer0 Dakota Slamming


Does your league have a motto, or words that it lives by? What is it / what are they? What does it mean to your league?
Before we take the track, you will probably hear us come together and yell "YINZ! YINZ! YINZ!" "Yinz" is a Pittsburgh-ese term for "you guys" - it's like "y'all" in the south. We started using this as our rallying cry in the team's early days. Generally, no one outside Pittsburgh knows what the heck it means but our fellow yinzers (Pittsburghers) love it!

Do you have a mascot? If so, what's its name? And will the mascot be with you at Playoffs? Do you have any special cheers for any of your skaters?
Yes, we have a mascot! Her name is Judy Squeekers and she is a tiny stuffed chipmunk with a bad reputation. We picked her up on the way to our very first tournament appearance in Raleigh, North Carolina.

What was the turning point for your league to make it to a playoff this season? Was there a BIG WIN that pushed your team over the edge?
We've had a lot of highs and lows this season - some big wins, some tough losses, and a few tight, well-played games that could have gone either way. It's been a long season, and we've played a lot of games, so it would be difficult to identify one bout that put us over the edge. We've focused on working hard all season long and learning from every game we've played. Hopefully, all the lessons we've learned will mean success at the 2013 playoffs!

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