D1 Playoffs

Asheville, NC

Team Profile

Oklahoma Victory Dolls (#34)

Oklahoma Victory Dolls


Travel Team Name: OKVD All Stars

Based In: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States

Year Founded: 2007

Joined WFTDA:

Previous Playoff and Championship Appearances: This is OKVD’s first trip to Playoffs.

2013 Season Record:

7/27/13 Okla. Victory 470 Springfield 62 (W)
6/15/13 Duke 124 Okla. Victory 221 (W)
4/28/13 No Coast 220 Okla. Victory 158 (L)
4/27/13 Omaha 109 Okla. Victory 265 (W)
3/24/13 Tallahassee 185 Okla. Victory 290 (W)
3/23/13 Okla. Victory 390 Assassination 74 (W)
3/23/13 Okla. Victory 406 Hard Knox 84 (W)
8/11/12 Okla. Victory 82 Duke 97 (L)
7/28/12 Hard Knox 85 Okla. Victory 171 (W)
7/14/12 Okla. Victory 263 Oklahoma City 52 (W)


00 Mount Crushmore
007 Tackle Your Fancy
04 Blood Bjorn Pathogen
11 Jennatease
12 Czech 1-2
1313 Princess Panic
14 T Pain
20 Jammin Jane
21 Esha Spades
24 Lil Viotch
47 Ka-Kaw!
5446 Trench Town Rockette
55 Dolly Dynamite (Captain)
59 Phoenix Envy
6 Critical Sass
7 Jem Reaper
777 DEZdispenseHER
82 Molly Menace
928 Dita Von Casualties
999 Danke Shame


Does your league have a motto, or words that it lives by? What is it / what are they? What does it mean to your league?
Our official UNofficial motto is "VD is OK" but that is just a play on our somewhat controversial initials. Pretty much every joke we have is private, and dirty - and we're okay with that. Previously we used "Send in the Girls!" as a nod to our former "theme" of badass WWII pin-ups (which is the reason we have an anchor as our logo).

We also preach the message of "Don't Hate, Roller Skate." Also when we are the underdog of a bout and pull off an upset to rise in the rankings, we call ourselves the "Mighty Dolls". We feel like perpetual underdogs, so that feels good.

Do you have a mascot? If so, what's its name? And will the mascot be with you at Playoffs? Do you have any special cheers for any of your skaters?
We have a few tongue-in-cheek unofficial mascots that show up at our games, like super hot ladies dolled up in sailor gear, dressed up adorable puppies with dirty names, etc, but none will be coming with us to Playoffs. Our super fans make enough noise with their OKVD cowbells that we usually don't need help in that department anyway.

What was the turning point for your league to make it to a playoff this season? Was there a BIG WIN that pushed your team over the edge?
Winning 2013 Clover Cup, in Dallas. We did well at last year's Clover Cup, and worked very hard during the off-season and the first part of 2013 to dominate at that tournament, which we did. We also ended up beating Tallahassee at that point, which has been a goal of ours since we played them in 2012 in Florida.

Real. Strong. Athletic. Revolutionary.