D1 Playoffs

Asheville, NC

Team Profile

Mad Rollin' Dolls (#25)

Mad Rollin Dolls


Travel Team Name: Dairyland Dolls

Based In: Madison, Wisconsin, United States

Year Founded: 2004

Joined WFTDA: Founding member

Previous Playoff and Championship Appearances: Championships – 2006 (did not place), 2009 (did not place), 2010 (did not place); Eastern Regionals – 2007 (did not place), 2008 (6th); North Central Region Playoffs – 2009 (2nd), 2010 (3rd), 2011 (10th); 2012 (7th)

2013 Season Record:

6/30/13: Madison 251 Chicago Outfit 173 (W)
6/29/13: Madison 204 Cincinnati 182 (W)
6/15/13: Madison 218 Grand Raggidy 143 (W)
6/1/13: Madison 364 Old Capitol City 137 2013 Midwest Brewhaha (W)
5/31/13: Madison 266 DC 121 2013 Midwest Brewhaha (W)
4/14/13: Madison 87 Sacred 173 2013 Dust Devil (L)
4/14/13: Madison 269 Duke 202 2013 Dust Devil (W)
4/13/13: Madison 211 Sac City 187 2013 Dust Devil (W)
2/9/13: Angel City 253 Madison 170 (L)


14 Darling Nikki
15 Mack The Knife
18FT Allie Gator
22 Tango De Muerte
297 Hazed and Contused
30YR Hops Scotch
31 Ladie Who-Ha
33 Charlie Hustle
366 Gene Lane
4 Mouse
6 Wipeout Scout
6T9 Lil Miss Behavin'
7 Rascal
847 Hello Sailor (Captain)
9MM Shananaguns
B122 Kill 'Ems
B52 Sequin Destroyher
D4 Magic Missile
M80 Thrill Show
P1MP Busta Crimes


Does your league have a motto, or words that it lives by? What is it / what are they? What does it mean to your league?
This year, the Dairyland Dolls have been rallying around our team battle cry “TO THE SHIP!” It means our goals this year is to work hard to get to the championships in Milwaukee, so virtually our backyard. Everything we do on and off the track as a team is focused around getting there.

Has your league experienced any retirements, transfers or injuries in the past year that have made a substantial difference in your league’s play and performance?
Wildberry Punch, who was a Team USA alternate, is pregnant. Dolly Pardon Me, a Dairyland Dolls mainstay since the beginning, has taken the year off to heal from an ankle break. Sugalumps, a go-to jammer and blocker, transferred to Burning River this summer. (It was exciting to watch her play in Division 2 playoffs with them!)

What are some game highlights from your travel team season this year?

Ooh, so many highlights! Stream of consciousness reminiscing here:

  • Dairyland Dollss skating the banked track for the 1st time at the LA Derby Dolls’ hallowed Doll Factory
  • Triple header in SoCal - in the morning, putting up a great fight against Angel City in a sanctioned bout, and then playing Steel City and San Diego Derby Dolls on the banked track that night.
  • Returning to Dust Devil for the first time since the first time and playing some tough Western teams, especially meeting up with Sacred City in the champs bout.
  • Going undefeated (both our A and B teams) at Brewhaha.
  • Coming from behind and beating Cinci on our home track (aka The Barn).

It’s been a great season!

Real. Strong. Athletic. Revolutionary.