South Central Region Playoffs
Oct 5–7, 2012 — Lincoln, NE Hosted by No Coast Derby Girls

Team Profile: Tallahassee RollerGirls

Tallahassee RollerGirls

South Central Region #9 Seed

Tallahassee RollerGirls

Based In: Tallahassee, Florida

Team Name: Capital Punishment

Joined WFTDA: 2009

Previous WFTDA Playoffs and Championships Appearances: First time qualifying for Playoffs

2012 Season Record: 11-4 overall; 5-2 in region

Playoffs Charter

2W Trailer Thrash
4 Sox Populi
9 PurrSoCute
11 Pixie Pounder
22 Titanium Whip
28 Fem Venomous
32 LaVoodoo
38 Erin Breakabitch
44 Wargasm
52 Annie Virus
57 Catchup
85 Courtney Smash
112 Choke Campbell
273 Frozen Tundra
420 Stone Her
499 low Maim
517 Nikki Nailer
4000 Great Wall of Gina
9001 Bratknee Cole
R1P Zombie Vicious


What does Tallahassee think that the teams in the South Central Region are well known for?
Teams from the South Central Region are well known for their southern hospitality and hard work ethics out on the track. They are also known to travel great distances in order to play a full weekend of roller derby.

Who should we watch out for on the track during your appearance at the 2012 Playoffs and why?
Definitely keep an eye out for Erin Breakabitch, Titanium Whip, and LaVoodoo who are formidable blockers out on the track. For jammers watch out for low maim, Catchup, Stone Her, and Great Wall of Gina.

What's the Capital Punishment’s most memorable derby moment?
Our most memorable derby moment would have to be our first away trip to play Green Country and Northwest Arkansas this season. This was definitely the longest trip we have ever taken, the first time we chartered a bus, and when we first realized that we had something special going on this season.

Who's the Capital Punishment’s biggest rival?
Our biggest rivals would have to be the Jacksonville Rollergirls who are also in our regional playoffs. We have played each other pretty consistently for the past 5 seasons, with the past two seasons trading off wins with one another. We are very excited, though, to have them and our big sisters Tampa Bay Roller Derby representing Florida in the South Central Regional Playoffs this year! This is the first time three teams from Florida have made it.

What are some game highlights from your travel team season?
Some highlights from our season were our first game of the season (and win) against Green Country (215 to 178), a one point loss to Columbia Quad Squad (154 to 155), a huge win against Big Easy RollerGirls (270 to 28), and an overtime jam win against Blue Ridge Rollergirls (181 to 177). Also our travel team, Capital Punishment, has been able to post over 200 points in 8 of our 12 bouts this season!

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