WFTDA 2013 Playoffs and Championships

2012 Tournament MVPs

2012 Championships MVPs

Photo by Manish Gosalia

Jammer MVP Sandrine Rangeon, Denver Roller Dolls (left)

Blocker MVP Shaina Serelson, Denver Roller Dolls

2012 North Central Region Playoffs MVPs

Photo by David Van Deman

Jammer MVP The Smacktivist, Ohio Roller Girls (right)

Blocker MVP Phoenix Bunz, Ohio Roller Girls

2012 West Region Playoffs MVPs

Photo by Donalee Eiri, Photography by D.E.sign

Jammer MVP Fifi Nomenon, Angel City Derby Girls (right)

Blocker MVP Belle Right Hooks, B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls

2012 East Region Playoffs MVPs

Photos by Manish Gosalia

Jammer MVP V-Diva, Philly Roller Girls (left)

Blocker MVP Lil Mama, Montreal Roller Derby

2012 South Central Region Playoffs MVPs

Photo by Jennifer M. Ramos

Jammer MVP The Merchant of Menace, Atlanta Rollergirls (left)

Blocker MVP Wild Cherri, Atlanta Rollergirls

2013 Tournament News

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2012 Results and Info

Gotham Girls Roller Derby win 2012 WFTDA Championships!

1st Gotham Girls Roller Derby

2nd Oly Rollers

3rd Denver Roller Dolls

4th Texas Rollergirls

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