North Central Region Playoffs
Sept 14–16, 2012 — Niagara Falls, NY Hosted by Queen City Roller Girls

Team Profile: The Chicago Outfit

The Chicago Outfit

North Central Region #8 Seed

The Chicago Outfit

Based In: Chicago, Illinois

Team Name: Syndicate

Joined WFTDA: 2010

Previous WFTDA Playoffs and Championships Appearances: North Central Region Playoffs 2011 (5th)

2012 Season Record: 6-6 overall; 6-3 in region

Playoffs Charter

00 Kim Mortal
0902 Hero Shima 1134 Bloody Elle
12 Ivana Schoop
138 Lola Blow
14 The Joan Ranger
15 Shocka Conduit
18 Matza Ball Breaker
212 Jenergizer Bunny
24 Queefer Sutherland
32 Pain Gwen
409 Shebiscuit
666 Suzie Crotchrot
67 Valerie of The Dolls
83 Lindiana Jones
84 Claudia van Damage
86 Helsa Wayton
AK47 Lady K
AR10 Silkk Assassin


Have there been any notable roster changes since your last Playoffs appearance?
We have unfortunately lost a good number of players that skated on last year’s team. Gaygan and Sweet Mary Pain (last year’s NC region MVP) have moved on to skate with Rocky Mountain. Margles McNasty is in the Virgin Islands for vet school. Maul E Hatchet moved to DC for a job in her field. Erin Watershow moved off to New York to go to school, and Ottermatic Weapon is on hiatus.

Who should we watch out for on the track during your appearance at the 2012 Playoffs and why?
Silkk Assassin is definitely one to watch. She is a new addition to this year’s team, a first year rookie who has been making a big difference on our team. Also, Smashley Destructo and Lady K and Helsa Wayton are always entertaining blockers to watch. Our jammers Lola Blow, The Joan Ranger, and Queefer Sutherland are excellent jammers who jump around and juke a lot, so they’re quite fun to cheer on as well.

What's one super special thing about your league that makes skaters stay with your league?
We’ve got an incredible family vibe going on with our league. We are a smaller league and we hang out a lot off the track and genuinely care about each other. Plus, the Outfit knows how to have fun and can always guarantee to be having a great time anywhere we go.

Who's the Syndicate’s biggest rival?
We’ve gotten really close to Arch Rival being our arch rival. We played them a lot last year and played them again this season. We could potentially see them yet again if the cards fall that way

What's the most interesting thing about Chicago?
It’s got the best food, architecture, and use of public space that you could ever see in a city.

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