North Central Region Playoffs
Sept 14–16, 2012 — Niagara Falls, NY Hosted by Queen City Roller Girls

Team Profile: Arch Rival Roller Girls

Arch Rival Roller Girls

North Central Region #4 Seed

Arch Rival Roller Girls Based In: St. Louis, Missouri

Team Name: All Stars

Year Founded: 2005

Joined WFTDA: 2007

Previous WFTDA Playoffs and Championships Appearances: North Central Region Playoffs – 2009 (6th), 2010 (10th), 2011 (6th)

2012 Season Record: 12-2 overall; 7-1 in North Central Region

Playoffs Charter

0 Polkadot Yr Eyeout
00P5 Party Foul
M2 Mighty Mighty Boston
4 Mayor Francis Slayer
6FU Grave Danger
7 The Educator
23 Science Friction
24 South City Shiner
33 The Oregon Betrayal
40 Black Market Baby
88 Beaster Bunny
282 May Require Stitches
101 Downtown Dallis
111 Morgan Le Faetal
121 Smarty McFly
299 Shimmy Hoffa
314 Shell Shoxx
520 Eli Wallop
530 Rhino-Might
1138 Chewblocka


Have there been any notable roster changes since your last Playoffs appearance?
We have lost three key players from our 2011 Playoffs roster: Stabby McCutcha, Artemischief and Smarty McFly. Stabby retired this season to pursue grad school. Artemischief moved with her husband to Austin, Texas, and is now skating for the Texas Roller Girls! And Smarty McFly is currently on our injured reserve while she recovers from ACL reconstructive surgery.

Who's the All Stars’ biggest rival?
It would have to be the Ohio Roller Girls. After trading wins and losses last season, the Chicago Outfit is a prime candidate. But Ohio has turned out to be a tough opponent. They came out with the win when we played this past April/May and we are looking to erase that loss from our record when we meet again at Playoffs.

What are some game highlights from your 2012 season?
Our upset over Detroit at this year’s Brewhaha tournament is a highlight of our season. We felt like we finally captured the attention of the national derby world and legitimized our team’s progress.

Is there a fun fact about your coaching staff that you'd like to share?
Both of our coaches, Magnum, P.I.M.P. and High Pains Drifter, skate for the STL GateKeepers men’s roller derby league. They both have very healthy beards and love playing Big Buck Hunter at the bar across the street from our practice venue.

What does your league think that the teams in the region are well known for?
Teams in the North Central Region are most known for being the most competitive and evenly skilled within their region. The North Central Region doesn’t have quite the same disparity in skill as the other regions seem to experience.

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