North Central Region Playoffs
Sept 14–16, 2012 — Niagara Falls, NY Hosted by Queen City Roller Girls

Team Profile: Minnesota RollerGirls

Minnesota RollerGirls

North Central Region #2 Seed

Minnesota RollerGirls Based in: St. Paul, Minnesota

Team Name: All Stars

Year Founded: 2003

Joined WFTDA: Original member

Previous WFTDA Playoffs and Championships Appearances: Championships – 2006 (4th), 2010 (did not place), 2011 (did not place); Eastern Regionals – 2007 (did not place), 2008 (7th); North Central Playoffs – 2009 (9th), 2010 (2nd), 2011 (2nd)

2012 Season Record: 6-7-1 overall; 5-0-1 in region

Playoffs Charter

0 0 Naughty Kitty
2 Fannie Tanner
H8U Tiki Torture
9 Second Hand Smoke
13 Medusa
F16 Citizen Pain
A18 Juke Boxx
28 Scarmen Hellectra
40 Crust Almighty
55 Venus Thightrap
75 Harmony Killerbruise
113 Rita Rawkus
172 Shiva Shankn
187 L'exi Cuter
667 Shiver MeKimbers
727 Hurtrude Stein
850 Moto Fluzzi
1016 Buzz TightRear
1764 Madame De Stompadeur
1837 Diamond Rough


What does your league think that the teams in the region well known for?
North Central teams play meat and potatoes roller derby. They are also very physically attractive.

What are some game highlights from your 2012 season?
Going undefeated at home this season. Beating Naptown at Naptown.

Who should we watch out for on the track during your appearance at the 2012 Playoffs and why?
Watch out for our coach Dantigravity, especially if he wanders out onto the track. We honestly never know what he’ll do next.

Who's the All Stars’ biggest rival?
If you are a great roller derby team and would like to be MNRG’s biggest rival, please contact Juke Boxx or MEDUSA.

What's the most interesting thing about your home city?
If we’re making a list of St. Paul’s Most Interesting Things, MNRG is definitely on it. We’re right up there with F. Scott Fitzgerald and any number of fine museums.

Real. Strong. Athletic. Revolutionary.