East Region Playoffs
Sept 28–30, 2012 — Burlington, VT Hosted by Green Mountain Derby Dames and
Montréal Roller Derby

Team Profile: Montreal Roller Derby

Montreal Roller Derby

East Region #3 Seed

Montreal Roller Derby

Team Name: New Skids on the Block

Based In: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Year Founded: 2006

Joined WFTDA: 2008

Previous Playoffs and Championships Appearances: East Region Playoffs – 2010 (7th); 2011 (6th)

2012 Season Record: 9-5 overall; 6-1 in region

Playoffs Charter

A00U Ti-Loup
AK47 Assassinista
F18 The Honey Badger
1X Mange Moi el Cul
2 Lil Mama
3X Smack Daddy
8 Jess Bandit
23 Ninja Simone
38 Rae Volver
40 Georgia W Tush
86 Lady J
118 Trash N' Smash
289 Cheese Grater
420 Mel E Juana
454 Chasing Amy
516 Iron Wench
658 Surgical Strike
1111 Bone Machine
2000 Apocalipstix
8080 Greta Bobo


What are some game highlights from your 2012 travel team season?
We started out the season without our entire jammer bench from last season. Iron Wench was living abroad, Georgia W Tush was injured, and Ewan Wotarmy retired. This forced us to expand and to become a much more well-rounded team. Some new skaters stepped up, and some vets picked up the star again, and we managed to come within 40 points of Minnesota RollerGirls and 30 points of Kansas City Roller Warriors, which was pretty much a kick-ass start for us. Then, the cherry on top was in June, when we beat two regional rivals for the first time, Steel City Derby Demons and Charm City Roller Girls. We reached our highest ranking in the region ever, third! We were the first non-USA team to reach Playoffs, and we would like to be the first to reach Championships.

Who's the Skids’ biggest rival?
We get a great rival right off the bat, London Rollergirls. At last year's Playoffs, the fifth place bout opposed Montreal and London and was voted DNN's bout of the year. It ended in a last jam thriller, London taking it 137-135. That's not about to happen again.

Who should we watch out for on the track during your appearance at the 2012 Playoffs, and why?
We will finally be playing with our full starting line up! Iron Wench is back from Switzerland, Smack Daddy should be fully healed and functional, and Georgia W Tush's collar bone is all glued up. However, this forced us to get creative, especially with the jammer bench, and resulted in our widest selection ever! All hail the new Skids jammer generation, Apocalipstick, Ti-Loup, Greta Bobo, and The Honey Badger.

What's one super special thing about Montreal Roller Derby that makes skaters stay with your league?
Our overall fabulosity.

What's your crowd like at home?
Rowdy and terrific! Pabst also helps out a great deal. We usually sell out the St-Louis arena, conveniently located in the sassy Mile-End borough, approximately 1000 seats.

Real. Strong. Athletic. Revolutionary.