Charm City Roller Girls

Baltimore MD

Charm City Roller Girls, LLC, was formed in 2005. What began as a few skaters meeting at a skating rink on Sunday and Thursday nights soon became an organized league of over 80 dedicated people. Inspired by other leagues in New York, Philadelphia, Texas, and all over the United States, CCRG quickly devised a strategy to become Maryland's premiere flat-track roller derby league. Almost immediately, the city of Baltimore took notice. And how could they not?

Charm City Roller Girls is proud to be represented by women and non-binary folks from not only from in and around Baltimore but also the surrounding states; each of whom is as unique as the city itself. While we pride ourselves on being athletes, we are also activists, parents, teachers, artists, writers, scientists and much, much more. Every skater brings something indispensable to the league, and together we plan to make roller derby the most exciting thing to hit Charm City since the crab cake.

Our league is comprised of three intraleague teams: the Pigtown Butchers, Hampden Hons, and Dundalk Deviants. These three teams, inspired by the colors of the Maryland Flag and some of the most iconic (if not under-appreciated parts of Baltimore) are comprised of all CCRG league skaters and bout each other in our home season at Skateland North Point in Dundalk, Maryland. Our league also has three interleague teams: The Charm City Roller Girls All Stars, Female Trouble, and The Trouble Makers. Each of these teams plays bouts at home and away against teams nationwide and around the world.

Real. Strong. Athletic. Revolutionary.