D1 Playoffs

Omaha, NE

Oct 2-4
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Team Profile

Angel City Derby Girls (#8)

Angel City Derby Girls


Team Name: Hollywood Scarlets

Based In: Los Angeles, California, USA

Joined WFTDA: June 2007

Previous Playoffs and Championships Experience:

2014 Lost in First Round at Championships
2013 Lost in Quarterfinals at Championships
2012 8th Place, Western
2011 9th Place, Western
2009 10th Place, Western

2015 Season Record: 8-3

Playoffs Charter

00 Stormy Heather
100 Kwyet Wryot
101 Ima BlowBya
1286 Booty Ninja
1337 Micki Krimmel
16 Chica Go Lightning
166 Jane Wilkins (C)
2 Juana Teaze
3 Soledad
308 Sheila James
33 Laci Knight
507 Rachel Rotten
5150 Darby Dagger
5354 Cheker
562 Ashley Hobbs
617 Ghetto Fabu-lez
666 Satan's Little Helper
76 Hunnie Brasco
88 Bubbles
94 Octane Jane
Coaches: Conan, Billy Motion


What was the turning point for your league to make it to Playoffs this season?
There wasn't really a turning point. When we started the season we made a goal to make Playoffs and also Champs with more commitment to more practices towards our goal to win the Hydra.

Does your league have a motto, or words that it lives by?
POP (power of the Pegasus) (power of positivity)

Have you ever played any of the teams in your Playoff bracket?
We played Minnesota July 18 and we hope to meet up with them again at Playoffs. We won 195 to 109. It was a very intense game in the second half and we expect this to be another big game for us if it does happen at Playoffs.

Real. Strong. Athletic. Revolutionary.