D2 Playoffs

Kalamazoo, MI

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Team Profile

Tri-City Roller Girls (#60)

Tri-City Roller Girls


Travel Team Name: Tri-City Thunder

Based In: Kitchner, Ontario, Canada

Year Founded: 2008

Joined WFTDA: 2010

Previous Playoff and Championship Appearances: This is Tri-City’s first trip to WFTDA Playoffs.

2013 Season Record:

Feb 15 2013 - New Skids 310- 59 (L)
April 13 2013 - Killamazoo 240-124 (L)
May 11 2013 - Hammer City 320-88 (W)
May 18 2013 - CT Roller Girls 155-143 (L)
May 19 2013 Chicago Outfit 191-140 (W)
June 8 2013 Cincinnati 284-125 (L)


00 Evil Liza
10 Skate Pastor
101 Stacie Jones
1013 Fox Smoulder
11 Ova'Kill
13 Rain Blows Brite
14 AnneX
15 Cleothrashya
19 Lippy Wrongstockings (Captain)
1910 The Hellcat of Panar
22 Freudian Whip
33 Suzy Slam
40 Leigh-zzie Borden
420 Sofanda Beatin'
669 Mandy Maggotbone
6T9 Preying ManTease
79 AshN Burn
88 Bloody Mess Jess
NO1 Commander Will Wrecker
R0AR Aggrosaurus


What was the turning point for your league to make it to a playoff this season? Was there a BIG WIN that pushed your team over the edge? We started the season ranked much higher (coming off last season's successes). We lost our 5 top skaters (and a couple of middle string too). So, basically, our entire first string of skaters left due to moves and retirements. It was a big blow to our team as we probably relied too heavily on power lines. We have first year skaters (as in first year playing roller derby!) and many 2nd and 3rd year skaters on our team this year. There are only 3 original vet skaters left (Lippy Wrongstockings, Stacie Jones, and Suzy Slam). This was a big rebuild year for us and we made one goal - get to D2 playoffs and stay in the top 60. We started rough and had some big tough losses but continually learned from them and got better and stronger. We had a unique opportunity to really deepen our bench with all the new skaters. So we didn't have a BIG win (although we did beat the Chicago Outfit, which sure didn't hurt!) but more of a continual build that we believe will help us to hopefully come out of this tournament higher than we came in.

Has your league experienced any retirements, transfers or injuries in the past year that have made a substantial difference in your league’s play and performance?
As mentioned above we lost our best skaters last year. Four of them also trainers as well as skaters. This has without a doubt affected our league. We actually had our largest league-wide loss overall at the end of last season. What it did do though was to lend more parity to our home teams. Thunder suffered the biggest hit but we prevailed and worked hard. There is still LOTS of work to do and we're very excited to do it!

Do you have a mascot? If so, what's its name? And will the mascot be with you at Playoffs? Do you have any special cheers for any of your skaters?
Thunder's mascot is a shark named Doma (short for Dominate). We actually don't know if our mascot is coming. Now that you mention it, we think we need to make that happen. No special cheers unless "HIT HER!!!" is a cheer.

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