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Kalamazoo, MI

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Carolina Rollergirls (#50)

Carolina Rollergirls


Travel Team Name: Carolina Rollergirls All-Stars

Based In: Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

Year Founded: 2004

Previous Playoff and Championship Appearances: Championships – 2006 (did not place), 2007 (4th place), 2008 (did not place); East Region Playoffs – 2007 (3rd), 2008 (4th), 2009 (5th), 2010 (6th), 2011 (9th); 2012 (8th)

2013 Season Record:

CRG vs Charm City 42-357 (L)
CRG vs Killamazoo 168-198 (L)
CRG vs Blue Ridge 98-242 (L)
CRG vs New Hampshire 112-259 (L)
CRG vs Boston 78-231 (L)
CRG vs Montreal 26-459 (L)


12 MC Fyte (Captain)
121 Elektra Q. Tion
1618 Roxxy Slide
185 Slingin Gritz
187 Caddy Compton
1979 Neuralize HER
20 Beth Row
22 Trudy Struction
26 Katie Clysmic
299 Ginger Clobbers
301 Dot Bomber
365 Erna Beatin
4 Sydney …
42 Ava Gore
52 Fritts O'Frenic
66 Daisy Rage
7 Aurora Thunder
73 Zella Lugosi
75 Sheeza Freak
x3 Deathica Hawk


Has your league experienced any retirements, transfers or injuries in the past year that have made a substantial difference in your league’s play and performance?
We lost 11 of our vet skaters the end of last year and most of our All-Stars were Bootleggers last year so we have lost a bit of talent, but we've also gained a few transfers, Neuralize HER from San Diego Roller Derby as well as gained some back from retirement, Trudy Struction and Zella Lugosi which definitely adds some zest to our Div II playoff charter roster

What are some game highlights from your travel team season this year?
Playing Charm City, Blue Ridge, and Killamazoo in our one-day Got to be NC tournaments...it was rough, but we learned so much as essentially an all 'new' team of skaters this year, Playing New Hampshire, those ladies are rad, and getting to skate against Boston and Montreal--two amazingly talented teams and we learned so much.

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