D2 Playoffs

Kalamazoo, MI

Game 14: (4) Carolina Rollergirls v (9) Burning River Rollergirls

August 25, 2013

Carolina claims 7th place from Burning River

By Vile Love It

The Burning River Roller Girls (seed 9, ranked 61) from Cleveland, Ohio, met up with the Carolina Rollergirls (seed 4, ranked 50) from Raleigh, North Carolina, in the fight for 7th place.

The first period was all Carolina. It started early with high scoring power jams; some of them back to back while Burning River struggled. They struggled to stay out of the box and struggled to put up any defense strong enough to limit Carolina’s scoring ability during the power jams. Carolina’s Katie Clysmic (#26) scored 30 points in one jam.

However, Burning River took full and complete advantage of the team’s one and only power jam of the period and Cupquake (#24) earned 35 points during that jam. The rally, toward the end of the period, revitalized Burning River and it seemed that they were a different team.

However, all in all, Burning River spent 29 minutes during the first period in the box (6 of those were jammer trips) compared to Caroline’s 14 minutes (only 1 jammer trip). Carolina also trumped Burning River in lead jammer status. They earned it 15 times compared to Burning River’s 7. Carolina shut Burning River down over 60% of the time during the first period.

At the half Carolina had a commanding lead: 147-75.

During the second period, Burning River made an intensive effort to limit their penalties and they were somewhat successful. They only spent 20 minutes in the box (4 jammer trips); however, they paid the price of the high number penalties in the first period and three of their players fouled out. Carolina limited their penalties, as well, and spent only 10 minutes in the box (only 1 jammer trip).

Although Carolina clearly controlled much of the game, Burning River did not make it easy for them, winning lead jam status 10 times (Carolina earned 13) and shutting Carolina down when they could.

Midway through the period, Burning River caught another “second” wind and held Carolina scoreless for nine consecutive jams. They chipped at the scoreboard but couldn’t catch a power jam large enough to make much of a dent in the 100+ point score differential. And toward the end of the bout, Burning River’s jammer hit the box again and Carolina pulled out a 15-point jam and then a 24-point jam.

“We got into penalty trouble early on in the game and I think that got into our heads. We were trying to control the uncontrollable,” said Burning River’s Co-Captain Hidden Ajennda. “It took us a little while to adjust our game. But most important, it was a great weekend for us. We are just so happy to be there.”

Carolina dedicated their win to their injured teammate.

“We won this one for Sheeza,” said Carolina’s Beth Row. “We were so upset when Sheeza Freak got hurt in the game last night.”

“Burning River was a very tough opponent, but we did our best to keep our composure and doing what we knew we needed to do. I am most happy with how much we improved with every game we played this weekend. It was a great weekend.”

Final score

(4) Carolina Rollergirls 250
(9) Burning River Rollergirls 131

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