D2 Playoffs

Detroit, MI

Aug 28-30
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Team Profile

Wasatch Roller Derby (#51)

Wasatch Roller Derby


Team Name: Midnight Terror

Based in: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Joined WFTDA: June 2010

Previous Playoffs and Championships Experience:

2014 8th Place, D1 Salt Lake City
2013 7th Place, D1 Fort Wayne
2012 9th Place, West Region Playoffs

2015 Record: 1-5

Playoffs Charter

000 Tic Tac Flo
11 O'Britterator
119 RIOT! Atchya
1253 Some Watery Tart
128 Penny Slain
13 Bruiser Ego
216 Wreckless
23 Mad Eye Molly
5000 Stache Bot
505 T. Rupp ​ 5134 Skull Candi
616 Makillda
636 Bust-Em Buxom
700C Triple LeXXX
777 Colonel Skirts
8 Sookie Slaphouse
801 Orange Crusher
91 Olé CHole
95 Animal Krack-Her

Coaches: Eff’n, Fuzz


What was the turning point for your league to make it to Playoffs this season?
We fell out of Division 1 this season into Division 2. We have had a high turnover of vet skaters over the past two seasons. (We only have 2-3 skaters left that played with us in 2012 West Regions) Strengthening our charter and pulling deep into our bench this season and incorporating new skaters has helped us maintain D2. We also have paid attention to the changes with ranking calculator and keep and eye on rankings math. We had some big games at Besterns in Denver this year. A big loss vs Rocky Mountain trying some of our new jammers and blocking lines/strategies sealed our fate for D2.

Have you ever played any of the teams in your Playoff bracket? Which match-up are you most excited about?
We have played Sacred before. Beat them 214-148 in Big O 2013. Beat them 181-161 early 2014 in Cali tourney. We played them in an unsanctioned game early 2015 where we sent a bench of our unrostered charter skaters, new members and some vets and they beat us 231-97.

If we both win our first couple games we could meet each other in the 1st and 2nd place game to go to Champs. It would be interesting to see, with both teams' current charters and styles of play, who would win. They are definitely a much larger team stature-wise.

We are looking forward to playing Naptown and hopefully Nashville.

Does your league have a motto, or words that it lives by?

Our cheer at Wasatch is RESET, RELENTLESS, ONE TEAM, WRD!

It means that we need to RESET physically, mentally, emotionally after each play, jam, game or practice . Also resetting off the track, letting shit go. Play and train RELENTLESSly. ONE TEAM meaning it's not just the pack on the track, or the bench, or charter. It's our whole team (Our A and B teams train together) and our whole league. WRD stands for Wasatch Roller Derby and is said "WORD!" We wear Wasatch on our chest, not Midnight Terror. We don't have our names on the backs of our jerseys, just numbers. We play for our league and area. (Wasatch is the huge mountain range surrounding the Salt Lake City valley.)

Real. Strong. Athletic. Revolutionary.