D2 Playoffs

Detroit, MI

Aug 28-30
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Team Profile

Chicago Outfit Roller Derby (#52)

Chicago Outfit Roller Derby


Team Name: Syndicate

Based in: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Joined WFTDA: June 2010

Previous Playoffs and Championships Experience:

2014 7th Place, D2 Kitchener-Waterloo
2013 10th Place, D1 Salem
2012 10th Place, North Central
2011 5th Place, North Central

2015 Record: 9-2

Playoffs Charter

12 Laura Hennigan
121 Smarty McFly (C)
14 The Joan Ranger
15 Ice Hurt
18 Matza Ball Breaker
1977 Punk Rotten
1978 Nikita
212 Kill 'Ems
32 Pain Gwen
409 Shebiscuit
411 Pippi Long Smackings
43 Sneer and Loathing
47 Lady K
50 Lethal Dose
59 Lola Blow
627 Riot Crrrls
708 Agony Andy
777 Pit Bull Princess
82 Jenergizer Bunny
83 Lindiana Jones

Coaches: Althea N Hell, The Champ


What was the turning point for your league to make it to Playoffs this season?
The game against Tri-City was a big turning point for our team this season. We have had a solid season that has been a slow build. We wanted to have a strong showing against Tri-City as they are a D1 team and it was our last opportunity to help our rankings before tournament seeding. We really came together in that game and managed to pull out a big win. It was one of our best game of the season. However, we do have to mention Kansas City. We really love playing those ladies and they have become the Outfit's girlfriends.

Who are this year’s Captains of your travel team?
The captains this season are Lola Blow and Smarty McFly. Lola has been with the Outfit since it's inception (and even before when the Chi-Town Sirens existed.) Smarty originally skated with Arch Rival in St. Louis for 5 years and moved to Chicago in 2013. She skated the 2014 season with Windy City and then transferred to the Outfit after Championships last season.

Lola is such a positive cheerleader for the team. Her energy is infectious and gets other people excited. Smarty is also a positive, encouraging leader. She is very even-keeled and approaches the team and the game in a smart way. Imagine that.

Real. Strong. Athletic. Revolutionary.