D2 Playoffs

Detroit, MI

Aug 28-30
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Team Profile

Nashville Rollergirls (#43)

Nashville Rollergirls


Team Name: Music City All Stars

Based in: Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Joined WFTDA: April 2008

Previous Playoffs and Championships Experience:

2014 6th Place, D1 Evansville
2013 8th Place, D1 Asheville
2012 6th Place, South Central
2011 Lost in Championships 1st round
2010 Lost in Championships 1st round
2009 7th Place, South Central

2015 Record: 5-8

Playoffs Charter

027 Cole Hearted
17 Sugar
1976 Electric Boogaloo
220V Electra Cal
226 Tear O'Bite (C)
36DD Maulin Monroe
48V Phantom Power
515 Cruella LaVelle
5FT3 Lady Fury
7 Ramona D Flowers
757 Morgan Levy
8 Stella Live
867 Evil Mendes
8GB Zip Drive
9 Chelsea Dagger
912 Gnarley Quinn
931 Kill'N Dem Hose

Coaches: Mista Cal, Four-Leaf Roller


Has your league experienced any retirements, transfers or injuries in the past year that have made a substantial difference in your league’s play and performance?
At the end of last season, 2 veteran skaters retired, Four Leaf Roller and Union Jack-U-Up. Those were hard loses for the team because both of those are great skaters but they were also very strong forces on the team mentally. Our captain for much of the season, Big Banger, moved to NYC for work and is greatly missed.

Do you have a loyal following of fans at your home venue? Will any of them be traveling to Playoffs?
We have a very loyal following of fans who can, at times, get pretty belligerent. But, it's all out of genuine love for the team and for roller derby. :) We will have some fans making the trip to Detroit to cheer us on.

Have you ever played any of the teams in your Playoff bracket? Which matchup are you most excited about?
We played Naptown as the first game of this season and lost 157-90 We played Chicago outfit in April 2013 and won by 30 points. We played Brewcity in 2012 and won by 8 points

We're very excited to take on Naptown again this year! We played them very early in our season before we really had the chance to train much for 2015 and we're looking forward to a hopeful rematch.

Real. Strong. Athletic. Revolutionary.