D2 Playoffs

Duluth, MN

  • Photo by Danforth Johnson

Team Profile St. Chux Derby Chix

St. Chux Derby Chix (#43)

St. Chux Team Profile 2014


Travel Team Name: Pack in Black

Based In: O’Fallon, Missouri, USA

Joined WFTDA: September 2012

Previous Playoff and Championship Appearances: First time at Playoffs

2014 Season Record: 9-1


1 - Ninja Sassem
10K - Blue Collar Brawler
124Q - Flash
13 - Zo D. Axe
187 - Zombie F-Bomb
19 - Bobbi Slamher
1979 - Lisa Frank-N-Stein
2 - Vixen Ta Getcha
211 - Stabby McCutcha
22 - Tara Eyes
3 - Sleazy E
48 - Jane Error
480 - Pixie Dust-ruction
4CE - Jedi Knight-n-Gale
5 - Slaughter Haus
6AM - Nikki Trixx
888 - Big Red
A3RO - Peg E. Sass
AK47 - Whip L'Ash
M80 - GI Jaime


Who is your team captain this year?

Whip L'Ash is the Captain of Pack in Black. She is, in the words of Tony Muse who has sponsored her via RD Elite, "the most cerebral player on the floor, she leads by doing.” Whip runs 1 practice a week and encourages skaters to participate in off-skates training at The Fighter's Guild, which runs strength, agility and endurance sessions specifically for St. Chux.

Has your league experienced any retirements, transfers or injuries in the past year that have made a substantial difference in your league’s play and performance?

We brought in Stabby McCutcha at the beginning of the season who formerly played with the D1 Arch Rival Rollergirls. She has made a fantastic impact on our blocking rotation and is really a stand-out player. Sleazy E and Nikki Trixx also recently transferred from Arch Rival but haven't seen chartered play with us yet this year and will make their debuts in Duluth. Big Red has come back from a 9 month injury after not seeing any sanctioned play since 2013. There have been other injuries to players this season that have kept them from playing a game or two, but nothing season-ending.

What was the turning point for your league to make it to Playoffs this season?

We designed and hosted our own "D2" sanctioned tournament called Skate to Thrill in April. We invited 10 teams down to each play three games over the weekend and the games were close and exciting and everyone came out of it super pumped about D2 action.

Does your league have a motto, or words that it lives by?


It started as a total joke during a drill where we were discussing about the inside and outside most lanes being the "danger zone" for jammers to take those paths. Then we started rocking out to some Kenny Loggins when we did that specific drill during practice and when we had to create a "new" white playoff jersey we totally incorporated the theme.

Real. Strong. Athletic. Revolutionary.