D2 Playoffs

Duluth, MN

  • Photo by Danforth Johnson

Team Profile Omaha Rollergirls

Omaha Rollergirls (#57)

Omaha 2014 team charter


Travel Team Name: Omaha All-Stars

Based In: Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Joined WFTDA: 2008

Previous Playoffs and Championships Appearances:
2010 - 9th Place, North Central
2011 - 10th Place, South Central
2012 - 7th Place, South Central
2013 - 8th Place, D2 Des Moines

2014 Season Record: 7-4


0602 - Bohemian Bruisin BombshElle
101 - Sharon Misery
2 - Mikillya
215 - Bella Cose
3 - Holmes Sweet Holmes
32 - Flash Gloria
38 - Crash Hartless
39 - Midlife Crashes
402 - Mae Kit Rain
42 - Axl Rogue
480 - Damage N' Dash
4Q - Matadora
53 - Ima Firestarter
665 - Daisy Mayhem
6FT - D'Naille Inya Coffin
750 - Southern Discomfort
777 - Rady Ruck
964 - Eblastagirl
G30 - Skateaway Faye
MK80 - Molly Massacre


Has your league experienced any retirements, transfers or injuries in the past year that have made a substantial difference in your league’s play and performance?

We have had numerous changes to our roster this year. Our travel team is small but mighty with currently only 14 members strong. In March, we had a transfer from No Coast Derby Girls - Flash Gloria - who has proven to be a wonderful addition to the team. We have also had several injuries throughout the season, but we are nearly all healed now for tournaments.

What was the turning point for your league to make it to Playoffs this season?

Our win against Chicago Outfit was huge for us. We spent much of our season trying to reconfigure our strategy based on 30 second penalties and more focus on offense. This was the first game where everything was clicking and working seamlessly as well as having a healthy roster.

Have you ever played any of the teams in your Playoff bracket? Which match-up are you most excited about?

This year we played Brewcity twice, once at Clover (lost 206-129) and in June (148-99). We always love playing them but both of those games we were not on top of our game and hope we get the opportunity to play them again for a win.

We also played St. Chux in February and lost 242-175. We have had major changes in our strategy since and feel like a rematch with them would also be a good game.

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