D1 Playoffs

Dallas, TX

Sept 11-13
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Team Profile

Philly Roller Derby (#10)

Philly Roller Derby


Team Name: Liberty Belles

Based in: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Joined WFTDA: Founding member

Previous Playoffs and Championships Experience:
2014 Lost in First Round at Championships
2013 Lost in First Round at Championships
2012 Lost in First Round at Championships
2011 Lost in Quarterfinals at Championships
2010 4th Place at Championships
2009 Lost in Quarterfinals at Championships
2008 3rd Place at Championships

2015 Record: 4-5

Playoffs Charter

00 Meryl Strip-Her
06 Mishel Castro
100 Antidote
15 Kilmartin
152 Herrmann Monster
18 VanEssa "V-Diva" Sites
247 Devoida Mercy
313 Emma Nockuout
33 Legend of the Hit N Trample
401 Tarantula
434 Wolf
55 KickAsh
66 Little Loca
72 Goodnight Irene 8
0 Pop A Roach
85 Teflon Donna (C)
86 Whacks Poetic
9 Deb, Seriously
957 Ginger Vitis
99 Russian Bayou


What is your team structure? Do you have home teams? or A and B teams? All of the above?
We combine our A+B teams into an "All-Star 30" so that there is crossover between training efforts, a consistent platform for strategy development, and a natural way to keep our teams competitive. Our top 14 become the Liberty Belles on game day, while the next 14 are the Independence Dolls.

Philly Roller Derby does not have a home team structure - our local mixed team is the Block Party, and our rookies comprise the Cheeseskates.

What was the turning point for your league to make it to Playoffs this season? Was there a BIG WIN that pushed your team over the edge?
Iit was a few big losses that turned things around for us. After losing our games (against Rose, Denver, and a closely fought one against Bay Area) at the Big O, it helped us realize that we needed to revise our defensive formations and really focus on offense. The best teams are transitioning really fast and dedicating resources to offensive plays, which is so exciting to see and is great progression for the sport.

Is your travel team doing anything new or special to prepare for Playoffs?
Reenacting the training montage from Rocky and trying to blow off steam by having fun together.

Real. Strong. Athletic. Revolutionary.