D1 Playoffs

Dallas, TX

Sept 11-13
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Team Profile

Crime City Rollers (#30)

Crime City Rollers


Based in: Malmo, Sweden

Joined WFTDA: 2012 Apprentice Program Graduate

Previous Playoffs and Championships Experience: First Playoffs Appearance

2015 Record: 4-0

Playoffs Charter

347 Hanna P
40 Alotta Riot
100 Curly Håår
101 Barbara Barfight
1337 Tjutet
159 JJ Furry
2 Sister Stitch
20 Trippi
21 Ankefar
22 Juicy Butther
3 Prince Sofia
53 Dykestalker
610 Sexual Her Ass-Meant
7 King K
77 Teremoto
79 Goldieblocks
800 Bonnie Bompa
88 Belgian Bob
9 Kix


What was the turning point for your league to make it to Playoffs this season? Was there a BIG WIN that pushed your team over the edge?
The turning point for us was this summer's Beach Brawl tournament where we won all of our games with a lot of points. It was three big wins and we were not really prepared for what it actually meant. But here we are, playing Divison 1 Playoffs. No one's more excited than we are!

Who is the newest skater to your travel team? Your most veteran skater? For how long have they been skating with your team? What newness or “aged experience” do these skaters add to your team?
The newest skaters are Prince Sofia and Tere Moto. Prince started jamming for the A-team after just a short stop in the B-team. Natural talent in deed. And Tere Moto is an awesome transfer from Barcelona Roller Derby that we are so happy to have on our team. She is a strong player and versatile player.

Most veteran skater would be Bonnie Bompa and Kix Deville. They both started with roller derby in 2010.

What are some game highlights from your travel team season this year?
An absolut game highlight was when we invited our dear friends from Helsinki in Finland, Kallio Rolling Rainbow, for a sanctioned bout in Malmo after having played them in Helsinki and won with 187-114. We knew the bout was going to be tight, they are really good. But so were we. We surprised them all and went home with an amazing 287-51. Everyone was shocked. And happy! We were on fire, so to say. Great memory!

Real. Strong. Athletic. Revolutionary.