D1 Playoffs

Dallas, TX

Sept 11-13
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Team Profile

Dallas Derby Devils (#24)

Dallas Derby Devils


Team Name: Army of Darkness

Based in: Dallas, Texas

Joined WFTDA: 2005

Previous Playoffs and Championships Experience: 2006 - Dust Devil

2015 Record: 9-1

Playoffs Charter

0 Blakely
260 Rocky Roadhouse
1 Acute Pain
1010 Bazooka Bubble Bum
112 Planet of the Skates
130 Sparrow Dynamic
138 Anita Riot
15 Hannah Barbaric
20 The Little Murdermaid
235 Gillotine Grace
24 Vageena Hertz
28 Miley Virus
4000 Great Wall of Gina
41 Postal Penny
451 Animal Lee
5510 Nix Victim
777 Scarlet Renegade
911 Mona Bruis'r


What was the turning point for your league to make it to Playoffs this season? Was there a BIG WIN that pushed your team over the edge?
Barely missing the mark for 2014 D2 playoffs made us decide to set a team goal to make Division 1--if not in the next season, then definitely by 2016. Our wins against DC Rollergirls, Sacred City, and Sac City that year gave us valuable points in the system and let us know we were going in the right direction. The crucial moment was our sweep against Kansas City, Houston, and Blue Ridge at this year's Clover Cup, which pushed us into D1 territory. Beating Toronto and Calgary at Spring Roll sealed the deal.

Does your league have a motto, or words that it lives by? What is it / what are they? What does it mean to your league?
When we set our sights on Division 1, we spawned the hashtag #darknessrising. As a part of our 2015 team agreement, we made a pact to stay positive, including on social media. So every time we had something good to say about our progress, we added our hashtag. It also gave our non-travel team leaguemates an easy way to support us. It stuck so well we printed it on our Dallas merch!

Who is the newest skater to your travel team? Your most veteran skater? For how long have they been skating with your team? What newness or “aged experience” do these skaters add to your team?
Our most freshie skater is Bazooka Bubblebum, who was voted One to Watch in our 2014 league awards. She was just bumped up from the Battalion to the Army of Darkness in July! She's a strong, compact jammer with a low stance and powerful push, making her insanely difficult to stop. Our most experienced skater, Anita Riot, has been with DDD since 2005--making her a 10 year veteran of the sport and the longest standing league member. She has been a travel team jammer since the first Dust Devil in 2006, and served as captain for 2 seasons. She strives to lead by example with her tireless work ethic and stays on top of her game with a healthy competition amongst her teammates as well as her rivals.

Real. Strong. Athletic. Revolutionary.