D2 Playoffs

Cleveland, OH

Aug 21-23
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Team Profile

St. Chux Derby Chix (#54)

St. Chux Derby Chix Team Page


Team Name: Pack in Black

Based in: O’Fallon, Missouri, USA

Joined WFTDA: September 2012

Previous Playoffs and Championships Experience:

2014 3rd Place, D2 Duluth

2015 Record: 2-8

Playoffs Charter

10 Blue Collar Brawler *
103 Calamity Cat
12 Judy Boom
124Q Flash 14 Psychokid D Freakout
1701 Gnome Chompsky
18 Sugar Shock
187 Zombie F-Bomb
22 Tara Eyes
3 Sleazy-E
4 Jedi Knight-n-Gale
417 Sha'Killa
47 Whip L'Ash
480 Pixie Dust-ruction (C)
5 Slaughter Haus
50 50 Shades of Pink
501 Darth Maully
80 Conner 831 Joanie Rollmoan
888 Big Red


Has your league experienced any retirements, transfers or injuries in the past year that have made a substantial difference in your league’s play and performance?
We have 4 charter level skaters recovering from injuries right now and we had about 6 skaters retire throughout the year. We have received a few transfers, which has helped, but it's not been an easy year for us.

Is your travel team doing anything new or special to prepare for Playoffs?
Many of us like to go to St. Louis Gatekeeper practices to prepare.

Have you ever played any of the teams in your Playoff bracket? Which matchup are you most excited about?
We have played Demolition City many times! We've won some, they've won some but most recently they took the victory. We played Oklahoma Victory Dolls for the first time this season.

Real. Strong. Athletic. Revolutionary.