D2 Playoffs

Cleveland, OH

Aug 21-23
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Team Profile

Jet City Rollergirls (#57)

Jet City Rollergirls Team Page


Team Name: Bombers

Based in: Everett, Washington, USA

Joined WFTDA: May 2009

Previous Playoffs and Championships Experience:

2014 9th Place, D1 Charleston
2013 D2 Champions
2011 8th Place, West
2010 8th Place, West

2015 Record: 0-4

Playoffs Charter

1 Cia WoodNwanna-Bia
10 Ellen Z
11 Star Tariot
12 Nasty Nikki Nightstick
13 Eva Derci
15 ILL-Ninja
19 The Mexorcist
2 Simon Le Bomb
23 Fraid Knot
3 Chic-lets Rock
31 Chantilly Cream
39 Whoa Nellie! (C)
41 Assaulted P-Nut
44 Sin Gria
5 Ivana Hercha
6 Razor Wreckher
66 Devilynne Syde
80 Beethoven's Fist
87 I'llah Smashya


What are some game highlights from your travel team season this year?
We opened our season with a nail-biter game against the Oly Rollers. It was a close, physical contest that really pushed us but resulted in many amazing plays. It was an exciting start to the season.

What was the turning point for your league to make it to Playoffs this season?
This has been a rebuilding year for our team and our league. The overall numbers for Jet City has taken a bit of a drop and we have been working hard at replenishing the numbers of skaters that we are training and developing into all-star level players. We have remained team focused and even though we did not experience a “big win” or turning point this season, our travel team has remained solid and our coaching staff is always working on developing new strategies.

Is your travel team doing anything new or special to prepare for Playoffs?
Our travel team has close connections with Rat City Rollergirls. We have been practicing and scrimmaging a lot with Rat City this season. We have also had some great coaching support from our local men’s team, Puget Sound Outcast, along with some helpful, informative scrimmage time with them. Also, Jet City Bombers recently facilitated our fourth annual Bombercon. It is a time for travel team members to get together and plant seeds of derby knowledge to derby lovers all over our region. It is a weekend of bonding for us and great fun for all who are involved.

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