D1 Playoffs

Charleston, WV

  • Photo by Danforth Johnson

Game 15: Naptown Rollergirls (5) vs Mad Rollin’ Dolls (7)

October 5, 2014

By Lexistential Crisis

Madison, Wisconsin’s Mad Rollin’ Dolls (seed 7, #29) overcame a first half deficit to win Game 15 against the Naptown Roller Girls(seed 5, #21) of Indianapolis, Indiana. Earlier this year Madison defeated Naptown 162-142 and they expanded the score differential in the 5th place game of WFTDA Division 1 Playoffs in Charleston.

The first few jams set the pace of the game as all the jammers strategically hesitated before pushing into the slow, scrum walls. This trend continued as both teams put up strong defensive walls at the start of many jams. Lethal Vixen, Asian Sinsation, Wham Bam, Deadie Page, and Dora The Destroyer challenged the Madison jammers throughout the game. For Madison, Mack The Knife, Shananaguns, Gene Lane, Glock Ness, and Busta Crimes built strong defensive bases for the team across jams.

Naptown steadily built up a small lead of 20-17 by the 18-minute mark. In the next jam Madison took advantage of a power jam to take a five-point lead. This was the only time in the first half that Madison held the lead, as Naptown quickly changed the score to 33-25 in the following jam after Magic Missile cut the track.

The score remained in Naptown’s favor despite a few jammer penalties. Madison finished the first half strong after Naptown’s jammer and a few blockers end up in the box for penalties. Magic Missile was able to score 13 unanswered points to leave the half-time score at 85 for Naptown and 75 for Madison.

Naptown outscored Madison in the first half, but Madison dominated the second half by scoring 91 points and holding Naptown to 16. The second half started slow for both teams with a number of scoreless and one or two point jams. After about six minutes, Magic Missile scored 14 points to put Madison in the lead with 92 points to Naptown’s 88. Magic Missile again expanded their lead with an 18-point jam with 15 minutes left in the game.

For the rest of the half Madison’s defense prevented Naptown from scoring in all but four jams. Meanwhile, Madison’s jammers Ladie Who-Ha, Mouse, and Magic Missile added a total of 51 points to increase their point total to 166. Maiden America and G-Rocket were the only two Naptown jammers allowed to score in the second half. Together they brought Naptown up to 101 points for a final of 166-101.

Madison Co-Captain Hello Sailor was proud of how their blockers supported each other and their jammers dug deep after a tough weekend.

She said, “It’s nice seeing all our hard work pay off in the end. “

Madison’s clean play paid off today as well. They only committed a total of 34 penalties and their jammers only went to the box four times. Naptown’s jammers committed 10 penalties while their blockers added 40 more to give them a total of 50 penalty box trips in the game.

Magic Missile almost outscored Naptown with 98 points and was lead jammer in 12 out of 14 jams she was in. Ladie Who-Ha and Mouse added 30 and 28 points, respectively. G-Rocket led Naptown’s scoring with 49 points and Maiden America scored 35 points.

Madison came into this tournament as the 7th seed and gains two spots to finish in 5th. This is the highest Madison has placed in the post-season since they qualified for Championships in 2010. Naptown moves down one spot as they move from the 5th seed into 6th place.

Final Score

(4) Atlanta Rollergirls 116
(3) Philly Roller Girls 183

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