D1 Playoffs

Charleston, WV

  • Photo by Danforth Johnson

Team Profile

Victorian Roller Derby League (#5)

Victorian Roller Derby League

Team Name: Victoria All-Stars

Based In: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Joined WFTDA: 2011

Previous Playoffs and Championships Appearances: 2013 - won D1 Salem 5th place game

2014 Season Record: 5-1

Playoffs Roster

010 - Giles
10 - Bicepsual
138 - Swish Cariboom
14 - Christy Demons
18 - Miss Chivas
19 - Talibamma Slamma
2 - Smashin' Pop
24 - Ruby Ribcrusher
333K - Tam-ba-lam SLAM
35 - Anna Conned Her
4 - Calamity Maim
505 - Mad Mel Arena
66 - Screw Barrymore
68 - Vajazzler
72 - Chuck
75 - Dayna Might
85 - Bianca Sciarretta
88 - Tui Lyon
BR0 - IvyKnivey
E105 - Perky Nah Nah


What was the turning point for your league to make it to Playoffs this season?
We didn't play any sanctioned games until June so we were riding off last years games to hang in the rankings, the playoffs games kept us in the top 10 though, which was handy. We expected and were predicted to have very close games with both Boston and Montreal at ECDX and we ended up winning very convincingly so both of those games did a lot for our positioning heading into playoffs. That really cemented our positioning and assured us we would be heading to playoffs but our very close and hard fought game against Angel City during the PAC Destruction tournament certainly got us hungry for even more competitive games at playoffs.

Has your league experienced any retirements, transfers or injuries in the past year that have made a substantial difference in your league’s play and performance?
Yes, all of the above.

Retirements we have had Tiger and Rocky leave due to pregnancy they were both fundamental blockers in our lineups. Skate Bush has recently retired she had previously been a primary jammer for the All Stars. Mad Mel has been taken out for a little while with an ACL injury but will hopefully be back soon. Transferred in we have Christy Demons who has moved from United Brisbane, an amazing addition to the team as both a blocker and jammer. Back from a little break off competitive play just in time for Playoffs is Ruby Ribcrusher, she has been a key blocker with the All Stars in the past.

Does your team have a motto?
Our team has a set of goals and values that we try to uphold constantly, they include things like athleticism, camaraderie, intensity and ambassadors. We pick values to focus on each training session and often use them as key words to gain focus around when playing. One big motto that has helped us move forward from lots of issues in our game-play is "2 minutes at a time", we usually have this taped down on the ground at our bench to remind us all we need to do is go out there and win the next jam.

Real. Strong. Athletic. Revolutionary.