D1 Playoffs

Charleston, WV

  • Photo by Danforth Johnson

Team Profile

Jet City Rollergirls (#30)

Jet City Rollergirls

jet-city Team Name: Bombers

Based In: Everett, Washington, USA

Joined WFTDA: 2008

Previous Playoffs and Championships Appearances:
2010 - won West 7th place game
2011 - lost West 7th place game
2013 - D2 Champions

2014 Season Record: 4-4

Playoffs Roster

1 - Cia WoodNwanna-bia
11 - Momma Wreck N Ball
12 - Nasty Nikki Nightstick
13 - Eva Derci
16 - Razor Wreckher
18 - Haddie Nuf?
2 - Simon Le Bomb
24 - Damage Patch Kid
3 - Chic-lets Rock
31 - Chantilly Cream
34 - Morticia Militia
39 - Whoa Nellie!
4 - Doll Dozer
41 - Assaulted P-Nut
44 - Sin Gria
5 - Ivana Hercha
6 - Beelzababe
8 - Spontaneous Combustya
80 - Beethoven's Fist
83 - Smet


Have you ever played any of the teams in your Playoff bracket?
We have played Philly (L), Atlanta (W), Naptown (W) and Boston (L). We have learned so much from playing all of these teams over the years, and in fact we have drills named "Atlanta" and "Philly" based on the way these teams play.

Has your league experienced any retirements, transfers or injuries in the past year that have made a substantial difference in your league’s play and performance?
After championships last year our captain, Pippi Longstalker transferred due to military (she is at this tourney playing for SoCal). That's the good news and bad news about playing in Everett where there is a Naval Base~ we get great skaters like Spontaneous Combustya, Momma Wreck N Ball and Assaulted P-Nut, but then we lose skaters due to military transfers, too.

We also had 4 serious injuries at the beginning of 2014 and are just starting to get some of those skaters back on wheels.

What are some game highlights from your travel team season this year?
Finally playing Rat City in a sanctioned bout. Even though we are only a 20 minute drive from them and scrimmage them regularly, it was our first bout with them in our 7 year history.

Real. Strong. Athletic. Revolutionary.