D1 Playoffs

Charleston, WV

  • Photo by Danforth Johnson

Team Profile

Mad Rollin’ Dolls (#29)

Mad Rollin' dolls

madison Team Name: Dairyland Dolls

Based In: Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Previous Playoffs and Championships Appearances:

2006 - lost in Championships quarterfinals
2007 - lost in East quarterfinals
2008 - won East 7th place game
2009 - lost in Championships 1st round
2010 - lost in Championships 1st round
2011 - lost North Central 9th place game
2012 - won North Central 7th place game
2013 - won D1 Asheville 9th place game

2014 Season Record: 4-4

Playoffs Roster

10 - Sproutn' A Tail
1213 - Knocking Jay
15 - Mack The Knife
18FT - Allie Gator
22 - Tango De Muerte
31 - Ladie Who-Ha
33 - Charlie Hustle
350 - Susie Homewrecker
366 - Gene Lane
4 - Mouse
48 - Micromauler
565 - Glock Ness
6 - Wipeout Scout
65 - Blanche Devereauxxx
847 - Hello Sailor
987 - Splatter Alice
9MM - Shananaguns
D4 - Magic Missile
L5 - Brokeback Jac
P1MP - Busta Crimes


Has your league experienced any retirements, transfers or injuries in the past year that have made a substantial difference in your league’s play and performance?
Our charter team has experienced some transition from our first game this season versus Brewcity Bruisers in February to the roster we will field in Charleston. In the pre-season, Kill'ems moved to Chicago and skates with Windy City. Hazed & Contused and Lil Miss Behavin' both have moved to Colorado and skate with Pikes Peak. Thrill Show moved to Florida and now skates with Tampa. Darling Nikki and Hello, Sailor are both preggers. Lips Macker unfortunately injured her ankle mid-season. Twisted Halo had to step down from interleague this season, and Sequin Destroyher will not be able to attend playoffs. Whew! With that said, we are fully confident that the strength of our performance has not changed due to the system we have in place with our DD B Team. Because we are one team, there is a fluidity of bringing up skaters who have been trained hard and are fully ready to step up, like Glock Ness, Blanche Devereauxx and Brokeback Jac. Watch for them to make an impact at playoffs!

What was the turning point for your league to make it to Playoffs this season?
A big win for us was versus Naptown in April in St. Louis. We had played Arch Rival the night before, and although we lost, we had put up a strong performance. It really helped prepare us when we faced Naptown. Our team was able to come together, adjust as necessary and keep focused. It was both a physical and mental win for us.

Does your team have a motto?
One of our charter teammates, Blanche Devereauxxx, came up from Dairyland Dolls B Team and brought with her the B Team's spirit of asking themselves "Why not us?" We have an underlying belief in ourselves - we don't self-limit and try to shoot for the stars (and like the cow, jump over the moon).

Real. Strong. Athletic. Revolutionary.