WFTDA Announces 2011 Q4 Rankings

January 23, 2012

Six teams debut in final WFTDA rankings for 2011

The WFTDA has released the final regional rankings for 2011. The current rankings reflect games played through December 31, 2011.

There is typically little movement in rankings in the fourth quarter, as many leagues take a break following the WFTDA Big 5 tournaments and during the winter holidays. However, this quarter saw six new teams earn ranking for the first time. Teams must play at least two WFTDA-sanctioned bouts against ranked teams before they become eligible for rankings.

The East Region will see no movement within the top 15 teams of the region. Gotham Girls Roller Derby still hold the #1 spot, followed by Philly Roller Girls at #2, and Charm City Roller Girls in the #3 spot. There were some small changes in the lower half of the region, as a result of three teams being ranked for the first time after graduating from the Apprentice Program last summer, and the CT RollerGirls jumping two spots from #16 to #14. Roc City Roller Derby was the highest ranked of the new East teams, coming in at #17. The Jersey Shore Roller Girls debut at #23, and Charlotte Roller Girls are ranked for the first time at #25.

The North Central Region had one team making its ranking debut. Toronto Roller Derby came in at #17, shifting lower-ranked teams down a notch. This was the only change in rankings for the North Central in quarter four. The Windy City Rollers, Minnesota RollerGirls and Naptown Roller Girls remain on top of the region.

In the West Region, the top three are still Oly Rollers in the #1 spot, Rocky Mountain Rollergirls at #2, and Rose City Rollers at #3. Changes come in at the #13 spot with Arizona Roller Derby moving up a notch, putting Silicon Valley Rollergirls at #14. Terminal City Roller Derby debuts at #23 and Sonoma County Roller Derby earns its first-time ranking at #28.

The South Central Region only saw one minor adjustment in rankings as Jacksonville Rollergirls moves up to #11, knocking the Hard Knox Roller Girls down to #12.

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