How to Join WFTDA

WFTDA Apprentice Logo The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) is a cooperative effort to advance women’s flat track roller derby worldwide. This amazing organization provides guidance, regulations, sisterhood, and the opportunity to compete with the best roller derby athletes in the country. WFTDA is currently accepting new members through the Apprentice Membership Program.

WFTDA member leagues enjoy a number of benefits over non-WFTDA leagues:

  • NETWORKING AND RESOURCES. In the WFTDA, members collaborate to share insider advice on the challenges facing us all. WFTDA is a great place to share confidentially, and ask the advice of leagues like yours.
  • A POWERFUL VOICE IN THE FUTURE OF OUR SPORT. WFTDA operates “by the skaters, for the skaters,” and all member leagues have a vote in the decisions of the organization.
  • POWER IN NUMBERS. Since 2004, WFTDA has negotiated association level deals and discounts for its members. Most notably, WFTDA is able to offer an insurance policy at lower rates and better coverage than other carriers.
  • ROLLER DERBY!! WFTDA members are eligible for tournaments, rankings, sanctioned interleague play, and a hand in shaping the rules and regulations. There is no better place to challenge like-minded leagues to games.

Downloadable info: Why WFTDA?

Membership is available to women's flat track roller derby leagues that meet a few basic requirements. For detailed info on membership requirements, please contact The basics include:

  • Your league’s competitors are women only, and skate on quad skates only.
  • Your league is 51% owned by league skaters.
  • Your league is governed by democratic principles and practices.
  • Your league is managed by at least 67% league skaters.

To find out more about applying for membership in this exciting organization, read the details on how your league can join the WFTDA Apprentice Program.

Looking for more information? Please visit our Apprentice Program FAQs page.

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