League Resources

WFTDA is committed to supporting our member leagues and skaters in whatever ways we can. Here you’ll find links to a variety of resources for your quick reference to help you and your organization.

WFTDA Insurance

WFTDA Insurance offers general liability coverage for practices and bouts, as well as accident medical coverage for skaters in flat track roller derby leagues, regardless of affiliation.

WFTDA Insurance Information

Verify WFTDA Insurance Coverage

WFTDA Insurance FAQ

WFTDA Risk Management Guidelines (PDF)

Certificate of Insurance Request Form (PDF)

WFTDA Event Waiver (PDF)

WFTDA Membership Waiver (PDF)

WFTDA Injury Report (PDF)

WFTDA Games Policy Documents

Sanctioning Policy

Outlines the requirements for WFTDA-Sanctioned, Mock-Sanctioned and Strength Factor Challenge games/tournaments to count towards WFTDA Rankings points. (Updated December 2018)

WFTDA Sanctioning Policy Website

WFTDA Sanctioning Policy (PDF)

Charter Roster Policy

Outlines the requirements for WFTDA Charter teams and submissions. (Updated December 2017)

WFTDA Charter Roster Policy Website

WFTDA Charter Roster Policy (PDF)

Rankings Policy and Strength Factor Challenge Program

Outlines the WFTDA Rankings system and programs and explains WFTDA Rankings Committee processes and procedures in regards to league rankings. (Updated March 2016)

WFTDA Rankings Policy and Strength Factor Challenge Program Website

WFTDA Rankings Policy (PDF)

WFTDA Expulsion and Suspension Policy

Outlines the procedures and limits of the WFTDA expulsion and suspension process for WFTDA Playoffs and Championships, WFTDA-sanctioned games and host-run tournaments. (Updated December 2018)

WFTDA Expulsion and Suspension Policy (PDF)

Forfeit Policy

Outlines Games Review Panel (GRP) policies, appeals and game and score credit applicability for forfeits during WFTDA-sanctioned play. (Updated February 15, 2017)

WFTDA Forfeit Policy (PDF)

WFTDA Tournament Policies

WFTDA Tournament Structure and Seeding Process (PDF)

WFTDA Tournament Skater Uniform Requirements (PDF)

WFTDA Tournament Games Requirements and Policies (PDF)

WFTDA Pre-Game Equipment Protocol

The WFTDA Pre-Game Protocol is a guide for Skaters on proper equipment fit in order to comply with the Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby and the WFTDA Safety Protocol. It also describes current WFTDA equipment check policy requirements.

WFTDA Pre-Game Equipment Protocol

WFTDA Track Layout Tools

WFTDA-Regulation Track Layout Guide

Provides step-by-step instructions and diagrams with both imperial and metric measurements to assist leagues with the setup of a WFTDA-regulation track. (Updated January 2018)

WFTDA-Regulation Track Layout Guide (PDF)

Tournament Track Setup Requirements

Provides detailed instructions for track setup for WFTDA Playoff and Championship tournaments in addition to the requirements set forth in The Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby and the WFTDA Risk Management Guidelines. May be used as a guide for best practices in setting up a tournament track. (Updated June 2017)

WFTDA Tournament Track Setup Requirements (PDF)

Skater Training and Safety

WFTDA Minimum Skills Requirements

The WFTDA Minimum Skills Requirements (MSR) establish minimum skating skill requirements for all skaters participating in WFTDA-sanctioned interleague and tournament bouts. Updated June 2013.

Download the Minimum Skills Requirements (MSR) - PDF

The WFTDA Minimum Skills Assessment Companion (MSAC) includes a PDF and complimentary video set. This serves as an instructional guide to assist with the training and assessment of MSRs. Released March 1, 2017

Download the Minimum Skills Assessment Companion (MSAC) - PDF

Watch the Minimum Skills Assessment Videos:

WFTDA Written Rules Test

Written test for the Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby. (Updated March 2017)

WFTDA Skater Rules Test (PDF)

WFTDA Skater Rules Test Answer Sheet (PDF)

WFTDA Skater Rules Test Answer Key (PDF)

Online Rules Test (Note: This is provided in Google Forms with information on the first page about completion and how to receive your results.)

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