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Women's flat track roller derby leagues interested in joining WFTDA must apply for our Apprentice Program in order to become a member league of WFTDA. The program is designed to act as a “WFTDA 101” tutorial, the Apprentice Program works with accepted leagues to guide them through the processes and requirements necessary to becoming a full member.

Upon completion of the program, apprentice leagues will have the knowledge and league recommendations needed to apply for full WFTDA membership.

Application Deadlines and Fees

Application Deadlines
Applications are due one month prior to the start of the quarter:
March 1
June 1
September 1
December 1

Applications may take up to six weeks to review.

Applications sent in after the deadline will be held for the following quarter.

Application Fee
$300 (Non-refundable)

US applicants must pay by check and mail payments to:

Women's Flat Track Derby Association
Attn: Apprentice Program Application Fee
PO Box 14100
Austin TX 78761

Non-US applicants must submit the application fee plus international transfer fees to Paypal. The total payment is $313 USD, and can be sent to

Full WFTDA Membership Requirements

Leagues applying to the WFTDA Apprentice Program need to meet the following WFTDA membership requirements:

  • Competitors are women only, and skate on quad skates only

  • 51% owned by league skaters

  • Governed by democratic principles and practices

  • Managed by at least 67% league skaters

  • At least fourteen skaters who are skating at least two hours a week

To affirm that your league meets these requirements, you will be asked to submit the following with your application:

  • List all owners and managers (using table located in your application) - include name, email, gender, years actively skating in the league, and years affiliated with the league (if nonskating).

  • League bylaws - please draw attention to the section of the bylaws that cover governance by democratic principles and practices, grievance policy, voting policy as well as your overall management structure.

Additional Requirements and Materials

In addition to the WFTDA membership requirements, applying leagues must meet these requirements:

  • Completed WFTDA Apprentice Application Form (including the WFTDA confidentiality agreement)

  • Photocopies of IDs for primary and secondary league contacts

  • Application fee of $300

  • League name and roster

  • Documentation of legal entity status, filed with the secretary of state (or equivalent) [International leagues should contact AP Manager at if there are complications]

  • Details and confirmation of at least one bout against a team from a WFTDA league

    • Does not have to be against a WFTDA charter team

    • International leagues in geographic areas isolated from WFTDA leagues can apply for a waiver of this requirement [International leagues should contact AP Manager at for waiver]

    • Details and confirmation should include the date and location of the bout, as well as any media coverage, print materials, and/or post bout paperwork.

  • Details of at least one public bout in the league’s hometown

    • Details should include the date and location of the bout, as well as any media coverage, print materials, and/or post bout paperwork.
  • League Mission Statement

  • Brief description of league history (date established), current status, and statement of league objectives for the next 12 months. Please include what your league hopes to gain as a member of the Apprentice Program, as well as a statement of intent to meet WFTDA’s membership requirements.

  • A detailed essay on the following: Why do you want to participate in the WFTDA Apprentice Program and, ultimately, become a WFTDA member league?

  • One letter of eligibility from an active WFTDA league that has been a full member for at least one year (Member Leagues).

Download the WFTDA Apprentice Application (PDF)
Please compile all application materials listed above into one PDF file upon submission.

Note: In order to be more accommodating to our future international members, leagues submitting applications to the Apprentice Program will no longer be required to have their entire applications notarized, nor will they have to mail their hard copy to the WFTDA. Please see the complete application for details!

Questions? See our FAQ.

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