WFTDA Officiating

Roller derby leagues rely on Officials to make sure games are played safely and fairly. To support the growth of our sport worldwide, the WFTDA also supports roller derby Officials with standardized practices and training documents, a certification system to recognize excellence in officiating for both Referees and Non-Skating Officials (NSOs), as well as officiating clinics around the world.



Officiating and Training Resources

WFTDA Officiating Procedures

Establishes required practices for Officiating during WFTDA-sanctioned and regulation play. Last updated December 2017.

WFTDA Officiating Procedures (PDF)

WFTDA Officiating Cues, Codes, and Signals

Standardized verbal communication, whistle cues, hand signals between officials and skaters during gameplay and penalty codes. Replaces “WFTDA Official Hand Signals” and “WFTDA Officiating Verbal Cues” documents. Also includes penalty codes and whistle definitions. Last updated December 2017.

WFTDA Officiating Cues, Codes, and Signals (PDF)

WFTDA Officiating Uniform Policy

Use this policy as a starting point to develop a Uniform Policy for your league’s Officiating program. Updated March 2017.

WFTDA Officiating Uniform Policy (PDF)

WFTDA NSO Shirt Printing Instructions

Use this document to print your own NSO shirts.

NSO Shirt Printing Instructions (PDF)

If you would like to purchase an NSO shirt, please visit the WFTDA Store.

Officiating Skills Assessment

Skills assessment guidelines and forms for officials.

WFTDA Minimum Skill Requirements and WFTDA Written Rules Test for skaters are now located at

The Official Rules and Track Design documents can be found at

WFTDA Officiating History

The new Officiating History Document is currently being evaluated for GPRD compliance. The previous version can be found here.

Submitting this form will create a standard template for documenting officiating experience for the user: Registering A New WFTDA Officiating History

The form will request the information needed to:

  • create the new Officiating History Document
  • import user profile data
  • import all of the games listed in the user’s existing history document
  • send the user an email with a link to the new document

For first time creation, simply leave the existing history document field blank and a new, blank document will be created for you.

The WFTDA Officiating History document is linked to a master WFTDA template so that users will automatically receive future template updates.

The expanded help document will change over time and form living documentation and a FAQ repository for the new WFTDA Officiating History document. There is a dedicated migration document to help users convert from an existing history document.

If you have any questions, please email

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