Featured League of the Month

WFTDA runs on the power of its member leagues. Each league brings something different and special to the organization. Here we will introduce you to a different league every month, and tell you a little more about their accomplishments and contributions to the organization and the sport of women's flat track roller derby.

August 2013 Featured League: Fort Wanye Derby Girls

August 11, 2013


Founded in 2005, the Fort Wayne Derby Girls have remained consistently competitive in one of the hottest hotbeds of roller derby. Since 2007, the Fort Wayne Derby Girls have been hosting teams from across the U.S. and Canada at their Fall Brawl and Spring Roll tournaments, and the combination of an amazing facility and league of dedicated and determined skaters has earned them a reputation as excellent hostesses. Read on to learn more about the Fort Wayne Derby Girls, their commitment to giving back, and what they have in store for the WFTDA Division 1 Playoffs.

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July 2013 Featured League: Des Moines Derby Dames

July 10, 2013


The Des Moines Derby Dames have quickly shown that they have what it takes to distinguish themselves from the pack, especially in a city with five roller derby leagues. Between working hard on the track to improve their rankings and win the hearts of local fans, the Des Moines Derby Dames are now taking on an entirely new challenge by hosting their first tournament this August: the WFTDA’s first ever Division 2 Playoffs tournament. Read on to learn more about the Des Moines Derby Dames, and what they have in store for skaters and fans at the WFTDA Division 2 Playoffs.

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June 2013 Featured League: Killamazoo Derby Darlins

June 10, 2013

The Killamazoo Derby Darlins joined the WFTDA as a full member league in 2010. Since then, they have been working hard to build their reputation as a tenacious and fun-loving team both on and off the track. In August, KDD will host the WFTDA’s first ever Division 2 tournament, and they also hope to be on the track competing. Read on to learn more about their plans for hosting the WFTDA, and book your tickets for Kalamazoo for August 23rd to 25th.

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May 2013 Featured League: Gent Go-Go Roller Girls

May 9, 2013

gent 2012 was the year that the Gent GO-GO Roller Girls really "flipped the switch" from newbie in the roller derby world to big-time competitor, from rookies in tournament play to graduating to full WFTDA member league status! Their current season shows no sign of slowing down the pace set in the previous year. And they are looking forward to hosting Europe’s second WFTDA tournament this month. Read on to learn more about the Gent GO-GO Roller Girls, this month's featured league!

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April 2013 Featured League: Toronto Roller Derby

April 8, 2013

toronto As one of the first roller derby leagues in Canada, Toronto Roller Derby has actively fostered the growth of the sport across the country, including the explosion of leagues in the province of Ontario (nearly 30!). Through their commitment to attending and hosting tournaments, Toronto Roller Derby has shown that they are able to manage the extensive growth of derby in their region, and help show other leagues how to foster growth and success. Read on to learn more about this month's featured league.

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