D1 Playoffs

Salt Lake City, UT

  • Photo by Jules Doyle

Game 14: Wasatch Roller Derby (6) v No Coast Derby Girls (9)

September 28, 2014

By Vile Love It

In an almost repeat game from earlier in the season, Wasatch Roller Derby, Salt Lake City, UT (seed 6) and the No Coast Derby Girls, Lincoln, NE (seed 9) met up in the battle for 7th place that came down to the last jam and was decided by 3 points. The last time these two teams met in sanctioned play, the game was decided in the last jam with No Coast winning by 2 points.

Wasatch Roller Derby vs No Coast Derby Girls at 2014 WFTDA D1 Playoffs in Salt Lake City

Photo by Chris Bojanower

The rivalry was obviously good natured as the end of the game the group hugs and high-five lap quickly became a mixture of blue and white. The action on the track was not so warm and fuzzy; it was much more of a tense atmosphere for both teams.

Early on, No Coast took the lead but shortly into the first period, Wasatch was able to lock down No Coast’s Anna Cassube, and in an 8-0 jam, Dr. Octopushy was able to bring her team to within 2 points. After that, the lead changed five more times in the first period alone. The teams were well matched in defense and offensive strategies and they traded blocker penalties, jammer penalties, and pack advantage as well as the lead.

At the half Wasatch held the lead 78-61.

Both teams were able to work the edges of the track to their advantage and occasionally both jammers were recycled to the back at the same time, spinning the pack in non-derby direction.

In the second period, after a 15-point jam for Dr. Octopushy courtesy of a No Coast jammer penalty, the home team pulled to a 35-point lead. Their fans might have breathed a sigh of relief and had a moment or two to think that this was the train leaving the station and No Coast would be eating Wasatch dust in short order, but no one on the track was thinking that; particularly not No Coast.

No Coast chipped away at Wasatch’s lead and with just under 14 minutes in the second half the score is 122-118 with Wasatch still in the lead. Back to back jammer penalties for No Coast caused a bit of a slide, but the No Coast blockers worked tirelessly to limit the damage. In addition, they were assisted by some power jams in their favor and with 7.5 minutes left in the game, No Coast pulled the first lead change of the period 132-148.

At this point, every fan’s nails began to give way. No Coast’s Anna Cassube headed to the box and Wasatch whittled the lead down to one point. There were five minutes left on the clock.

Just after the jam start whistle, No Coast’s Beth Kempf was sent off for a high block penalty and Wasatch’s Bunz Bunny collected 13 points while the No Coast blockers feverishly worked to try and limit the damage. When the dust settled it was 160-148 in Wasatch’s favor with 3:43 left on the clock.

During the next jam, No Coast grabbed lead jam and was able to bring the score differential to eight points.

Going into the last jam the score was 166-154 in Wasatch’s favor. All they had to do was to get lead jam and call it as soon as the clock wound down. But No Coast had other ideas. Beth Kempf won lead jam for No Coast and lapped the pack while her teammate Caitlin Mohnike hopped back and forced the track cut on Dr. Octopushy and gave No Coast enough of a power jam that they took the lead back and pushed ahead by three points to win the game and 7th place.

Final Score

(9) No Coast Derby Girls 169
(6) Wasatch Roller Derby 166


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