D1 Playoffs

Sacramento, CA

  • Photo by Bob Ayers

Game 13: (9) New Hampshire Skate Free or Die All-Stars V. (10) Blue Ridge Rollergirls

September 7, 2014


by Jezebelle Z. Bub

In a battle for ninth and tenth place in the international 2014 WFTA Division 1 Playoffs, 10 seed Blue Ridge Rollergirls (#41) took on 9 seed New Hampshire Skate Free or Die All-Stars (#34). The tightly matched game ended with New Hampshire on top, 168-111.

Blue Ridge Rollergirls v New Hampshire Roller Derby at WFTDA Playoffs 2014 Sacramento

photo by David Costa

In the first jam, Blue Ridge’s Skelley-Tor pulled herself through the pack ahead of New Hampshire jammer Swirko. Skelley-Tor picked up a few points and called the jam, 3-0.

Then, another lead jam for Blue Ridge. Jammer Beer Wench snuck in two more points and caps off the jam before New Hampshire jammer Chicana Bruzya can squeak in a point of her own.

Blue Ridge jammer She-Wrex started Jam 3 on the line, but New Hampshire jammer Game Ovaries takes the lead, and She-Wrex is sent to the box. Only when Blue Ridge blocker Boot Scootin Bully is called on a multiplayer block can Game Ovaries break past the pack. New Hampshire gains lead, 15-5.

A pileup on lane one sent New Hampshire jammer Chicana Bruzya to the box. Blue Ridge jammer Beer Wench struggled behind a strong backwards block from McKilla Queen. Bruzya comes out of the box, just to get called back in for a second time this jam.

Starting with a power jam and the advantage in Blue Ridge’s favor, Blue Ridge jammer She-Wrex took lead. Fresh out of the box, Bruzya was called on a penalty for the third time in a row with the jammer cover still on her head. New Hampshire blocker Decker joined her in the box giving She-Wrex a moment to turn the tides in Blue Ridges’ favor. Blue Ridge was up by one point, 27-26.

New Hampshire jammer Game Ovaries gave hard hits off the line, but was stalled by a strong two wall from Ashevillian and Coma N. Ducer. With only 10 minutes left in the first half, the game was tied 50-50.

But Blue Ridge jammer Beer Wench went to the box, leaving Game Ovaries to battle Dixie Kicks and Ashevillain alone. New Hampshire regained the lead, 65-58.

With five minutes left in the half, the Blue Ridge jammer passed the star to her pivot Coma N. Ducer right off the jam line to Coma N. Ducer. New Hampshire jammer Prissassin goes to the box for a double penalty— Coma N. Ducer also is called to the box—but is sent back into play serving no time. Prissassin’s time is reduced to 30 seconds. Coma rounded the track smiling knowing that she has closed a bit of the margin, 73-70.

“We came in just trying to swing hard,” said Blue Ridge captain Dixie Kicks. “We knew that we were just trying to get that number nine post. And we tried our best and tried to prove that we belong here in D1.”

New Hampshire jammer Chicana Bruzya returned to the track after her penalty streak to collect 10 points, followed by Game Ovaries gaining seven points. Swirko then topped it off with 4 points to end the first half with New Hampshire in the lead, 94-70.

The second half saw a medley of New Hampshire jammers making their mark on the scoreboard. Despite strong sideswipes and backwards blocking from Blue Ridge's Boot Scootin Bully, Ashevillain and Coma N. Ducer, New Hampshire jammers Chicana Bruzya, Swirko and Game Ovaries piled on the points

Jamming for her first time New Hampshire’s Techno Desctructo tippy-toe-stopped past the last few Blue Ridge blockers and into the lead position. After a fall to her knees, Techno called off the jam, leaving 33 seconds on the clock.

Swirko took a strong lead in the last jam taking the outside with ease against only two Blue Ridge blockers. When the penalty box emptied out, Swirko called off the jam. New Hampshire won 166-111.

“This was a really emotional game for all of us. A huge chunk of our team is retiring this year,” said New Hampshire's Boyer. “We really just brought it together, that's our team motto: TOGETHER.”

New Hampshire finishes in 9th Place in the 2014 international WFTDA D1 playoffs; Blue Ridge takes 10th Place.


(9) New Hampshire 168

(10) Blue Ridge 111

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