2011 Q1 Rankings Released

April 25, 2011

Most WFTDA teams begin their seasons during the first quarter of the year. This year, that meant an active quarter in terms of shifts in the rankings as teams begin jockeying for position in advance of the all-important second quarter rankings–the rankings that determine who gets invited to the regional playoffs. WFTDA rankings are determined by a quarterly member league vote based on game results and statistics. All four regions also saw newer member leagues becoming eligible for ranking for the first time. Upon becoming full WFTDA members, leagues must play at least two bouts against teams that are already ranked in order to be eligible for ranking for the first time.

In the West Region, the Denver Roller Dolls jump back into the #3 spot after spending two quarters at #6. The top half of the region otherwise remains the same, as teams in the 10-23 slots bounced around, primarily due to changes in who is being ranked. Duke City Derby, of Albuquerque, New Mexico, switched game play regions starting this year, and is now part of the South Central Region. Three newer WFTDA members, the Slaughterhouse Derby Girls, Santa Cruz Derby Girls, and Silicon Valley Roller Girls, all became eligible for ranking for the first time. Silicon Valley debuted at #11, Santa Cruz followed at #16, and Slaughterhouse came in at #22.

The Detroit Derby Girls rejoin the top three of the North Central Region, bumping the Mad Rollin’ Dolls to #4. The Fort Wayne Derby Girls climbed the rankings ladder to capture the #12 spot from #15. The previous #10 Omaha Rollergirls also shifted to the South Central Region in 2011, ceding the #10 spot to Arch Rival Rollergirls. The three newly ranked members of the North Central Region, Paper Valley Roller Girls, Rollergirls of Southern Indiana, and the Fox Cityz Foxz, debuted near the bottom, at #18, #20, and #21, respectively.

While some leagues made gains based on game results, most of the shifts in the South Central Region were due to incorporating five new members into the rankings--the two leagues shifting from other regions, and three previously unranked teams. Houston Roller Derby saw the biggest jump in rankings, going from #7 to #4 in the region. Green Country also took a big step, from #11 to #9. Omaha fell into place at #8, while Duke City entered its new regional home at #15. Newly ranked Gold Coast Derby Grrls launched at #13, while ICT Rollergirls debuted at #20, and Spindletop Rollergirls begin at #24.

In the East Region, Montreal Roller Derby gained ground following some upset wins early in the year, rising from #7 to #5. The Dutchland Rollers also bumped up two spots to #8 after a series of wins. Likewise, Maine Roller Derby climbed back into the top 10, rising from #11 to #9. Several other leagues in the top half of the East Region dropped a spot or two as a result of Dutchland’s, Montreal’s, and Maine’s gains. Newly ranked East teams Queen City Roller Girls and Garden State Rollergirls debuted at #17 and #19, respectively.

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