Featured League of the Month

WFTDA runs on the power of its member leagues. Each league brings something different and special to the organization. Here we will introduce you to a different league every month, and tell you a little more about their accomplishments and contributions to the organization and the sport of women's flat track roller derby.

May 2016 Featured League: Nantes Derby Girls

May 11, 2016


The Nantes Derby Girls are working to put France on the map with one ambitious project at a time! After hosting their first WFTDA-recognized tournament, "West Track Story IV", Nantes is gearing up to host the first French WFTDA Officiating Clinic next month. A team that is focused on growing the sport of roller derby and leveraging the power of the WFTDA community, read on to learn a little more about the heart and soul of this fun and driven team.

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April 2016 Featured League: Soul City Sirens

April 18, 2016


Taking their league name from the legendary Godfather of Soul, James Brown, the Soul City Sirens are devoted to promoting the sport of roller derby in their community and across the region. Fans can check out one of the league's biggest contributions next month as they gear up to host the 3rd annual "Low Down Throw Down" D3 WFTDA-Recognized tournament. Learn more about the tournament and other activities from the Soul City Sirens coming up in 2016!

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March 2016 Featured League: St. Chux Derby Chix

March 7, 2016


Located just outside of St. Louis, MO, the St. Chux Derby Chix are gearing up for an exciting 2016! With the 3rd Annual Skate to Thrill Invitational coming up quickly April 9th and 10th, St. Chux are gearing up for one exciting weekend for fans and skaters alike. Learn more about St. Chux, Skate to Thrill and all the other exciting things in the works for 2016.

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February 2016 Featured League: Derby Revolution of Bakersfield

February 4, 2016


More than just a derby league, Derby Revolution of Bakersfield works to be a revolutionary source of positive change in the derby and their local community. As a federally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Derby Revolution strives to be a charity that helps connect skaters and community members through the power and inclusiveness of roller derby. The league is gearing up to host this year's annual Dust Bowl Invitational, a massive event featuring teams from across California and beyond. With the tournament just a month away, find out how Derby Revolution of Bakersfield is preparing for all the action on and off the track.

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January 2016 Featured League: Paris Rollergirls

January 5, 2016


2015 marked a big year of accomplishments for the Paris Rollergirls, from celebrating their 5 Year Anniversary to graduating to Class A WFTDA member status. Even after the heart-breaking events of the November terrorist attacks, with the start of 2016, the Paris Rollergirls have set their sights on new and challenging goals, rallying behind a message of passion and peace in the new year. Read on to learn more.

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