Paris Roller Derby

Paris, France

The Paris Rollergirls League was founded in February of 2010 with the help of two experienced American skaters living in Paris. In November of the same year another recruit from the United States joined the Paris Rollergirls: Amelia Scareheart, capitain of the All Star team for the Atlanta Rollergirls. For two straight seasons Amelia served as a true pillar to the league both as a key player on the track and a tremendous coach. It was Amelia Scareheart who coined our war cry: “Paris brings the passion!”

Today PRG consists of more than 80 skaters and about 15 other members such as referees, NSO’s and volunteers. The league consists of 3 teams. - The All-Sars, the B team “Les Quedalles” and the C team “Les Sans Culottes”. The All-Stars team was developed in 2011 and is one of the first French teams to play teams from other countries either at home or abroad.

The Paris Rollergirls are known as one of the most competitive leagues in France.
In December 2011 in Toronto Canada Team France competed for the first time at the Roller Derby World Cup. The team consisted of 25 of the best skaters in France, 10 of whom were also skaters for PRG. The Paris Rollergirls was the first French league to join the WFTDA apprentice program in August of 2010. In June 2013 the league became the first full WFTDA member league in France.

Paris Brings the Passion!

Real. Strong. Athletic. Revolutionary.