D1 Playoffs

Montréal, QC

Sept 2-4
  • Photo by Marko Niemelä Photography
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September 2-4, 2016

Hosted by
Montréal Roller Derby

London Rollergirls Win 2016 D1 Playoffs in Montréal!

2016 International WFTDA D1 Playoffs in Montréal Winners

London Rollergirls (Seed 1) won the 2016 International WFTDA Division 1 Playoffs in Montréal, and will head to Championships in November. They will be joined by Second Place winners, Texas Rollergirls (Seed 2) and Montréal Roller Derby (Seed 4) who came in Third.

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Download the final D1 Playoffs: Montréal Bracket.


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