2016 International Tournaments



Tournament Head Announcer: Sasha “Kim Deal With It” Morrigan

Broadcast Announcers: AK-40oz, Double H, Lightning Slim, Mike Chexx, Miss Moxxxie, Mr Whistler, Tara Armov
Broadcast Producers: Amy Jo Moore, Ophelia Melons, Shady Hawkins
Broadcast Sideline Reporters: Derby Nerd, Sissy Splaysek

Venue Announcers: Allie Gator, Kasey Bomber, Layla Smackdown, Scott Chicken, Vince Hannity, Wilhelm Scream

Emcees: Raucous Ron, The King

Social Media Hosts: Andy Marron, Hammer Abby, Plastik Patrik

D2: Wichita, Kansas

August 19-21
Wichita Sports Forum
Head Announcer: D’Nouncer Duane Cunningham
Andrew Marron, Bryant Mumble, Chewbacon, Danny Mac, Gretchen the Axe, Homemaker, Raucous Ron, Shady Hawkins

D2: Lansing, Michigan

August 26-28
The Summit Sports and Ice Complex
Head Announcer: AK-40oz
Broadcast: Andrew Marron, Captain Lou El Bammo, Danny Mac, Kent the Politician, Lightning Slim
Public Address: A-Bomb, Ash Hole, Cashman, Hi-Death, Rexxx Manning, The King, Victor Won

D1: Montreal, Quebec

September 2-4
Centre Pierre-Charbonneau
Head Announcer: Mr Whistler
Broadcast: AK-40oz, Captain Lou El Bammo, Derby Nerd, Lightning Slim, Pink Slamminade, Plastik Patrik
Public Address: Chloe Gwendoline, Dok Rogers, Electra Blu, Holly, Jax Blue, Wilhelm Scream

D1: Columbia, South Carolina

September 9-11
Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center
Head Announcer: Amy Jo Moore
Broadcast: Biertrix, Bootiful Banshee, Eloda Sarcasm, Sasha "Kim Deal With It" Morrigan, Sissy Splaysek
Public Address: Biff Mixalot, Big Daddy Voodoo, Justice Feelgood Marshall, PR Mageddon, Professor Lou Botomy, The Clown, Vince Hannity

D1: Vancouver, British Columbia

September 16-18
Richmond Olympic Oval
Head Announcer: Lightning Slim
Broadcast: Mike Chexx, Ophelia Melons, Phil Dirt, Sexy Beast, Tara Armov
Public Address: Julia Sleazer, Layla Smackdown, Mistress Mouth, October Revolution, Raucous Ron, Scott Chicken
Sideline Reporting: Megatron

D1: Madison, Wisconsin

September 23-25
Alliant Energy Center - Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Head Announcer: Miss Moxxxie
Broadcast: Allie Gator, Bryant Mumble, Hammer Abby, John Maddening, Justice Feelgood Marshall, Magilla Guerilla, Muckety Muck, Rev. Norb
Public Address: Bob Noxious, Chloroform Cupcake, Justincredible, October Revolution, Rich Mahogany

Championships: Portland, Oregon

November 4-6
Head Announcer: Sasha “Kim Deal With It” Morrigan

The announcers for the 2016 International WFTDA Championships will be selected after the conclusion of the Division 1 and Division 2 Playoffs.

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