WFTDA welcomes 11 new members, adds new regions

June 17, 2010

AUSTIN, TX – The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) has accepted its first new full members since 2009.

Eleven leagues graduated from Apprentice status to full WFTDA members today:

  • Chicago Outfit Roller Derby League of Chicago, IL
  • Demolition City Roller Derby of Evansville, IN
  • Garden State Rollergirls of Wallington, NJ
  • ICT Roller Girls of Wichita, KS
  • London Rollergirls of London, UK
  • New Hampshire Roller Derby of Nashua, NH
  • Paper Valley Roller Girls of Appleton, WI
  • Rockford Rage Women’s Roller Derby of Rockford, IL
  • Rollergirls of Southern Indiana, of Evansville, IN
  • Silicon Valley Rollergirls of San Jose, CA
  • Wasatch Roller Derby of Salt Lake City, UT

“WFTDA is delighted to welcome our new members, all of whom represent the highest standard in athletics and league management,” said WFTDA Executive Director Juliana Gonzales. “We know they'll infuse our organization with lots of fresh ideas and great skaters.”

The WFTDA Apprentice Program, launched in 2009, is designed to act as a “WFTDA 101” tutorial. Leagues accepted into the apprentice program receive a WFTDA mentor and are able to access some of the resources available to full members.

Apprentice leagues were enrolled starting in August 2009. There are 36 additional leagues still working through the program. The amount of time a league needs to be in the Apprentice Program varies according to the needs and experience level of that league. New leagues are accepted to the Apprentice Program quarterly, with the next candidates being accepted July 1.

In addition, due to growing interest from women’s flat track roller derby leagues outside the United State, the WFTDA is forming two new regions: Canada and Europe. At this time, the Canada Region has two members – Montreal Roller Derby, of Montreal, Quebec, and Hammer City Roller Girls of Hamilton, Ontario – and the Europe Region has one member, the London Rollergirls of London, United Kingdom. However, this move poises the WFTDA for future competitive growth within those regions.

“Creating regions to house Canadian and European members is another signal of WFTDA's preparedness for international expansion, and our eagerness to see non-US leagues compete under the WFTDA umbrella,” Gonzales said.

Until the Europe and Canada Regions are further developed, teams in those regions will continue to compete in the closest U.S. region for rankings and tournament eligibility. Montreal and London compete in the East Region and Hammer City competes in the North Central Region.

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