WFTDA 2013 D1 & D2

Playoffs & Championships

Tournament MVPs

D2 Playoffs: Des Moines

2013 D2 Playoffs Des Moines MVP: Dawn of the Shred

Dawn of the Shread, Treasure Valley Roller Derby

D2 Playoffs: Killamazoo

Freudian Whip, Tri-City Roller Derby

D1 Playoffs:Fort Wayne

2013 D1 Playoffs Fort Wayne MVP: Kamikaze Kitten

Kamikaze Kitten, London Rollergirls

D1 Playoffs:Richmond

2013 D1 Playoffs Richmond MVP: Polly Gone

Polly Gone, Texas Rollergirls

D1 Playoffs:Asheville

2013 D1 Playoffs Asheville MVP: Bonnie Thunders

Bonnie Thunders, Gotham Girls Roller Derby

D1 Playoffs:Salem

2013 D1 Playoffs Salem MVP: Luna Negra

Luna Negra, Rat City Rollergirls

Championships: Milwaukee

2013 Championships MVP: Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary, Texas Rollergirls

Real. Strong. Athletic. Revolutionary.