The Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby

NOTE: You are viewing the January 1, 2013 revision of The Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby, which is officially retired.

The current version of the rules can be found at Rules Central.

6.12 - Skating out of Bounds

Skaters must remain in bounds. No part of the skater’s skate(s) may touch the ground outside the track boundary. Skaters may not pick up momentum for a block until in bounds (see Section 6.8.2).

No Impact / No Penalty

6.12.1 - Being forced out of bounds by an opponent’s block.

6.12.2 - Skating out of bounds as the result of a missed or successful block (Blocking out of bounds criteria still apply; see Section 6.8 - Out of Bounds Blocking.)

6.12.3 - Maintaining or increasing speed for the purposes of skating to and from the penalty box.

6.12.4 - Exiting the track as a result of injury, equipment failure, or to avoid unsafe track conditions including but not limited to fallen skaters, debris, and spills.

Major Penalty

6.12.5 - Skating out of bounds in an attempt to avoid a block.

6.12.6 - Skating out of bounds to maintain or increase speed.

6.12.7 - Skating across the track infield in a manner which substantially cuts short the lap distance. It is not necessary to pass an in bounds skater to commit a skating out of bounds penalty.


6.12.8 - Not applicable.

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